Tuesday, October 25

Review: The Revelation: Josh and Kat Part II

The Revelation: Josh and Kat Part II The Revelation: Josh and Kat Part II by Lauren Rowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ahhh! And so the Josh and Kat saga continues!

These two are just crazyyyyyy!!! It felt so great to continue reading their story knowing that they started out just having fun with each other and that they were not really looking for anything serious. But the Playboy and the Party Girl really pulled off a hilarious story. Oh, my god. It was ridiculous how ridiculous how these two could get!

But the feels when I could really tell they were starting to fall for each other. Ahhh, I know that it doesn't appeal to everyone but I melt every time Josh called Kat "babe" because I knew they were not like that. But they were going there--they just didn't know it yet.

Giddy--that's how this book made me feel. I need a Josh Faraday, people!

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Monday, October 24

Review: Turbulence: The Epilogue

Turbulence: The Epilogue Turbulence: The Epilogue by Whitney G.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Looooooved this! The main book was already awesome and this is icing on the cake. There's nothing like an unexpected epilogue to make a love story sweeter. And who can say to more flirting from Jake and Taylor? Certainly not me. Sigh.

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Review: Still Just Human

Still Just Human Still Just Human by Kerry Heavens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loooved the Just Human series so much so I almost had a heart attack when I came across this quick read. Ahhh, it's been years. I didn't know I was missing Danny and Liv so much until I started on this one.

It was so good to look into their lives now, years after getting back together. Life will never be perfect, even after the HEA. It was evident that despite all the loving, there are still going to be bumps along the way. And I loved how Danny and Liv and their other couple friends managed to overcome these bumps and stay strong.

I rarely five-star a novella but KH always makes my heart happy. So here it is! This is a must-read, folks! Or start with the main series and then add this cherry on top.

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Sunday, October 23

Review: In bed with her best friend

In bed with her best friend In bed with her best friend by Eden Proctor
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I really tried to like this short read since I can never pass up a chance to read a bestfriends-to-lovers story. This novella started out okay and the first half was really good. Unfortunately, it didn't last. I understand that it's a novella but I somehow found the second half too fast-paced that it came off hurried. Oh, well.

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Review: Royally Screwed

Royally Screwed Royally Screwed by Emma Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I now understand the deluge of five stars for this book in my feed. If you had the chance to give it more, I'm sure you would. Right, ladies? And with a cover that's good enough to eat, I can't blame you. Or don't blame me.

Where do I start talking about the awesome read that this was?! This book was like a s'more--you get all happy just at the thought and sight of it and by the time you sink your teeth into it, you find all that gooey heaven inside. (Yes, I do find myself comparing books to food most of the time.) This was an all-around fun, sweet, and warm story set in a world steep with tradition and expectations.

The narrative was topnotch and the twist was the motherload of all twists. I now regret having not read all of Ms Chase's books prior to this. I've only ever tangled with, well, Tangled before but I am seriously going to change that soon.

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Review: Professor Trouble

Professor Trouble Professor Trouble by Soraya May
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ahhh. What can I say? Trouble is trouble is trouble.

I wanted to not read this book when I first came across it but curiosity got the better of me. And damn, it sounded hot! And I'm weak. So I got to meet Will Spencer. He was a H like nobody I've read before. I don't know about you but I've never read a H that is Latin Lit professor and f*ckable. Unheard of.

Although I found the story okay as a whole, I was still bothered by the actual prof-student relationship between him and Emily. They didn't meet before they knew what they were going to be to each other. He was not just a professor whose classes she did not attend. They actually met in the classroom! It bugged me to no end.

Other than that, I found SM's writing enjoyable and although this book was not a perfect first read, I won't hesitate to read any of her other books. (So I just found out that this is a debut from the author. Let me say now that I'm looking forward to more of her work already.)

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Friday, October 21

Review: Nights with Him

Nights with Him Nights with Him by Lauren Blakely
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was the perfect combo of an awesome H and an even awesome-er h. I loved how Michelle was such a go-getter and was not afraid to get what she wanted. She wanted Jack and was not afraid to act out on that want and be his sexual equal. (Go, girl!)

And then this amazing woman was given one of the best alphas that I have read lately. Jack was confident without being cocky and the fact that he owned a company that makes products for adult pleasure and ran it with his sister showed that he was someone with an open mind and not quick to judge. Makes me want to pinch his cheeks (okay, maybe also his butt!) for cuteness.

Together, their chemistry was off the charts. The way that they were so willing to give up a part of their identity just to be with someone they love was just too much for me. It's a good thing everyone came out winning in the end. I almost couldn't handle the feels these two were generating. Mmmm. Sugar sweet!

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