Sunday, September 25

Review: Dirty Lies

Dirty Lies Dirty Lies by Emma Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was a nice surprise because I really thought that this was going to end as a so-so read. The plot wasn't the most original one so that certainly didn't help with my doubts. But damn if I didn't enjoy this book! This may be the only Dirty B book that got a giggle from me. So far.

By the end of this book, it was easy to forget that what Aidan and Jessie started with was a fake relationship. These two were just so easy to read about and I loved how they just clicked. I don't know but I guess the fact that they went ahead with their so-called relationship with eyes wide open was key. I loved how it eventually developed even if they both were too stubborn to admit it at first. And yet, they managed to work it out. And I really thought that was a trip of a read!

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Review: Embrace Me

Embrace Me Embrace Me by Ann Marie Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Despite being a short read, this novella still gave me the goosies just like the first three books in the series did. Hudson and Allie are still as hot as ever and it was sooo good to get to "visit" with them especially since I didn't know this was novella was coming into existence until the lat minute. What a nice surprise for a weekend read!

Any girl will appreciate a Hudson Chase in their lives. I mean, the man can single-handedly organize a location wedding. Now tell me you won't be thankful for that. As romantic as their wedding was, this renewal of vows was equally so. It's easy to forget that the prior trilogy was marred with so much nasty and dark twists. I guess this sunny follow-up was a well-deserved extended epilogue. We even get to join in their honeymoon!

It wouldn't hurt if sometime in the future, we get another novella. I don't know...maybe give Harley a little human to play with, yeah?

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Friday, September 23

Review: Get Inked: A Pucked Series and Clipped Wings Crossover Novella

Get Inked: A Pucked Series and Clipped Wings Crossover Novella Get Inked: A Pucked Series and Clipped Wings Crossover Novella by Helena Hunting
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That moment when you realize that you need to get your hands on the Clipped Wings series. There is no confusion now as to what series I will be starting this weekend.

Ahhh! But this read is so fun. Too bad it was too short but I enjoyed it very much. As a big fan of inks, I totally understand Lily's excitement in getting her first one and the obsession on Randy's full sleeve. I think sleeves are sexaaay! And I still got excited when I got my second, third...even my latest ink--which is already my fifth one!

The best thing about this novella? Despite the multiple POVs, POVs from Darren and Lance were such novelty. Well, especially Lance's. Even his POV did not give anything away. Sly, sly one. Definitely looking forward to his love story.

Read this if you want a puckingly sexy quickie of a read!

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Wednesday, September 21

Review: Hard to Hold

Hard to Hold Hard to Hold by Katie Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is another single dad story that I couldn't not read as soon as I have it. So far, this plot has had a winning streak with me lately. However, this book hit a snag because I thought that the arc in the story didn't really focus on the kid anymore. Not to mention that Isabella's stubbornness really got into my nerves. Why couldn't she just be upfront with Logan instead of running away? That spin in any story just really turns me off from the character.

In the interest of not giving away spoilers, I liked the touch in the end courtesy of Logan. He saved this book making it still an enjoyable read overall.

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Tuesday, September 20

Review: Dirty Past

Dirty Past Dirty Past by Emma Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the first book so I guess the rest of the book in this series will have a lot to live up to. Now, this book is still fun like only the Burke brothers can pull off. But compared to the first book, this read has a more serious tone as it had to deal with domestic abuse.

I have to give it to Ella for finally standing up for herself. Gggggg, I hate her parents. OMG, what self-absorbed people! As for Tate, well...I haven't really made up my mind about him yet. Probably he was a bit hard on Sofie in the previous book? Although I have to say that he is the type that is most lovable when they start to soften up. Which he did and was too adorable with little Mimi!

Although I think this book may not be as good as the first one, this was still a good read. On to the next one, please!

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Review: Playboy Pilot

Playboy Pilot Playboy Pilot by Penelope Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have not read Cocky Bastard yet (but not for long, that's for damn sure) but after reading this book and Stuck-up Suit, I can safely conclude that a Vi Keeland and Penelop Ward collab is lethal! These two geniuses have pulled off another win in this book.

I loved this book--and not just because Carter and Kendall were so fun to read. I just love everything going on in the book--the travel, the adventures, the little quirks here and there, and the background stories of both characters that make them more real in my head. I even loved how they really started out without going physical with each other. Oooh, the anticipation! I think this was the most enjoyable morning read I've had in weeks, or even months.

I want to say so much more but I might give away spoilers so I won't. But I have to say though--get this book and read it, stat!

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Monday, September 19

Review: Dirty Secret

Dirty Secret Dirty Secret by Emma Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have been meaning to read this book since it came out until I learned that it was part of a series. But I decided to gift myself some patience and waited until the last book comes before starting with the first one. Otherwise, I'd have gone crazy waiting for each book to come out.

So here I am, ready to battle it out with the Burke brothers. I'm not very hard to please. Give me a rockstar hero and I'll be happy. But wait, this is an EH book. Then that makes me doubly happy. But it didn't stop there. This is also a second chance romance plus a secret baby. Holy guacamole, it's a smorgasbord of everything I love in books!

Be that as it may, I felt that the book was a bit drawn out. The major conflicts were resolved within the first few chapters and the rest of the book felt redundant. The fact though that it still managed to keep my attention despite the repetitive feel to it gives testament to the fact that EH is one heck of a storyteller. I was still entertained. It was like watching a show that you already knew the ending to but you still cannot stop yourself from watching.

I'd say that this was a great way to kick off the series. I cannot wait to read what the rest of Dirty B boys (and the adorable Mila!) will be up to.

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