Wednesday, August 3

Review: Reckless Nights

Reckless Nights Reckless Nights by Karen Erickson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have to admit that pop culture is a huge part of my life. My friends and I talk about celebrities in first-name basis and as if they are neighbors...or something like that. With that said, I am never judging Reagan for deciding to spend a hot weekend with her actor crush. I mean, c'mon! As long as the guy is single and she is single, why the hell not?

I can't decide yet if I would be happier if this book was a tad longer. But I have to say that I enjoyed the sizzle schmizzle. Yeah! *fans self* When the narrative for the sexy parts manage to pull off being hot without a lick of kink, I always want to do a fistpump. Huh, these things are still doable, people! I am just bothered when Declan did not manage to communicate with Reagan for weeks. In this age of technology, any excuse for doing so just doesn't make a bit of sense. Na da!

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Tuesday, August 2

Review: Love Child

Love Child Love Child by Kat Austen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was totally into the plot of this short read. When I started reading this book, I only then realized the reality that single men do have limited (or near to zero!) options when wanting to have children. Women have the sperm bank option and may have an easier time to adopt a kid. Society is no doubt leery if men want to take on the latter. So I am totally with Abel on this fight!

Because this was a novella, I tried to overlook the rather lack of easing into the whole story, I felt it was too in-your-face at the start. I wasn't exactly sure how I wanted to react to the instant chemistry and attraction between Abel and Adeline. (I'm pretending that I don't mind how the lady protagonist and I almost have the same name--I'm Adelaine!) Although I was happy that they were able to make it work despite how they met, I felt it was too convenient. Just a little bit too much, I guess.

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Review: A Gentleman for Hire

A Gentleman for Hire A Gentleman for Hire by Olivia Starke
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The premise of this novella just gives me the giggles. Because what the heck! If I had money to burn and I was single and hasn't had any in a long ass time and then dared to do something like this, I would probably do this! LOL! Although I just can't seem to picture myself pushing through with it. I'd probably run for the hills when it's time.

Unfortunately, despite what I just said, I felt unsure about what did happen in this book. I felt unsure about the instant chemistry of the main characters. I have read books with insta-love plotlines and may like some of them but this isn't one of them. Ahh, all I can think of is "awkward!" Just no.

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Friday, July 29

Review: Him or Me

Him or Me Him or Me by Veronica Larsen
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I dunno why but this read didn't quite impress me as much as I had expected. I actually came across this novella and that was why I started with this series. But my expectations were just off tangent from what I got to read from this novella despite my affinity towards this type of plot.

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