Thursday, January 26

Review: Finding Her Center

Finding Her Center Finding Her Center by Aja Cole
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was extra excited to read this book because I was really hooked with the blurb. However my bubble burst because the book started when Greyson/Cole and Daya was well into they texting/phone relationship already...and that was the part I was really looking forward to. It was actually nearing the end.

I don't know if that was because of that development that my head started to go somewhere else when I continued with the book. I expected it to be a fun read and suddenly, it started to really get serious when Daya started to deal with her past. It suddenly felt like a totally different pool. And though both she and Greyson had their own pasts to deal with, the primary focus was just on her and there was none for him. His just became a sidenote.

I guess this book was my first big disappointment of the year based on how high my expectations were.

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Thursday, January 19

Review: Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief Commander in Chief by Katy Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I already went crazy for the first book of this duet and I suppose I wasn't done yet because I was still a mess of a Hammy fan by the time I finished reading this book. I just wanted for this love story to go on forever.

I have to admit though that as much as I loved the first book, I wasn't so keen on this second one. Don't get me wrong though. I still love this book more than most lately. It felt like an very extended epilogue. But I guess because of that as well, there was no real drama to go through in most of the book. However, it still told of the contradictions of how Matt and Charlotte lived, of the compromises and the sacrifices that they had to make because of their positions.

This book was still full of loving and feels. And KE knew how to put those two together in spades! This is still a book I would recommended anyone after they have read the first one.

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Review: Lip Service

Lip Service Lip Service by Jessa James
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Alright, I'm gonna keep this short.

I guess this was okay at best. It was cute. It was hot. It was smutty. And I guess I liked the characters enough. But since it was only a novella, there was only so much that can be packed into those few pages. It was straight to the point and an alpha male that managed to not let everything go to his head...when it counted. Carter waited for Emma and for the right time to approach her...although in the end, she forced his hand on the "when" part.

Minimal to zero drama or angst and lots of loving--sometimes I like my books that way. Although I don't over-the-top love this read, I didn't exactly not like it either. I'm sort of in the middle with this one. Good thing this was a novella. Otherwise, it would've dragged on and would border on boring.

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Review: Dirty Sexy Saint

Dirty Sexy Saint Dirty Sexy Saint by Carly Phillips
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hmmm, this was an unexpectedly enjoyable read. Although the jury is still out on how much I like Samantha--I like my ladies to be kickass career ladies and she wasn't. She was in her mid-twenties and was still dependent on her parents. That did not appeal to me at all.

But other than that, this was a good read. I loved Clay! He was a self-made man and I gobbled all that up. Sooo hot! I actually loved the chemistry and all that attraction between him and Samantha. Feels, baby, feels! The only regret I have about this book was that it was a bit shorter than my usual.

In the end though, Samantha was able to redeem herself. A bit. Maybe she was finally growing up. And Clay was his usual hot self with his self-assurance and for standing up to her family. More hotness points for this man! This was indeed a quick, good book!

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Wednesday, January 18

Review: The Librarian Principle

The Librarian Principle The Librarian Principle by Helena Hunting
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I finally decided to take on this book since I've had this parked for a bit. And HH has been a favorite of mine since I started the Pucked series. That series is all kinds of funny, filthy, and wonderful. This book, however, is something I couldn't easily define. I was all kinds of excited when I started it because the blurb is that cringe-worthy. It's bound to be intriguingly enjoyable, right?

I guess it started fine. However, the story kind of plateaued for me after Ryder's discovery of Liese's stash. There wasn't enough build-up to anything and I also had a hard time to really connect to the story or the characters. Don't get me wrong, both main characters were likable enough. But that's all to it.

I don't know. Maybe I set the bar too high because this was an HH book? Shouldn't I have used my Pucked standards? I guess this would've been more than an okay book had I not read Pucked yet. So, there. I guess this was an okay read at best.

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Tuesday, January 17

Review: Mr. President

Mr. President Mr. President by Katy Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was a classic AWESOME Katy Evans read! I would probably be left to moon over it if left alone. I cannot get enough of Matt Hamilton. Holy smokes! This man is hawwwttt!

This may not be my first attempt to read a romance novel in a politics setting but each book that I've read so far always offered something different. That's always great because that could only mean that there is a different take on a setting that is openly public in real life. So the romance between Matt and Charlotte was just so much to digest (in a good way!) and there were so much feels all over this book. I cannot count the number of times that I had to stop reading because I just want to take everything in while I'm reading a particular scene or dialogue.

Queue moony far-away look and deep sigh plus a silly grin.

It was so easy to forget that this was a romance between an important political figure and a member of his campaign team. An off-the-charts chemistry, a fast-paced storytelling, and an engaging dialogue made this one heck of an amazing read that just couldn't be put down once I started it. I loved, loved, loved it!

PS--Yes, I did read it twice over the weekend. Because I can. And because I just couldn't NOT.

PPS--Where's a sixth star when you need it?

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Thursday, January 12

Review: Booty Call

Booty Call Booty Call by Ainsley Booth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tell me, how does one move on from this fantabulous read?! Like, how?!

There I was, about to drown in my own judgy self because OMG-here-comes-another-so-much-older-guy but I have been having such a ball with AB's books that I just couldn't say no to this book. I did like the little preview of the Scott and Ali show in the first book of the series. I just wasn't so sure if I'm ready for another of this plot (because the last one was such a disaster).

But oh, my heart! So much feels!!! *flails about helplessly

I loved that Scott had the presence of mind to say no to Ali first. I loved that Ali was so forward with what she wanted with Scott--something I can probably only appreciate if it happened in books? I loved that Scott was such a filthy-taking badass. I loved that Ali was still working hard to be a career woman when she could just play hooky with such a hawt, delicious boyfriend. I mean, seriously, these two are just awesome together. Loved, loved, loved them so much!!!

This book was one hell of a smutterific bonanza of a gorgeous read. If I didn't have a book challenge that I need to up this year, I'd re-read this every week. Squeeeeee!

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