Wednesday, December 7

Review: Womanizer

Womanizer Womanizer by Katy Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! Wow! What a trip! This was an amazing read. I think this may have been my most favorite book from this series...or even by KE. I guess this means I now have to read her Real series as well.

Although I was a bit put off by the cig on the cover and also by the fact that Callan and Livvy were into smoking (I just can't stand the smell of cigarettes!), I had to let it go and not to let it factor in too much about what I think of the whole story because I loved, loved, loved it.

Callan really surprised me because I did not know he had this side to him. The way he pursued Livvy made me all melty inside. Ohmygod! I cannot even do justice to all the feels that I had the entire time I was reading this book. I really wanted to have it longer because I just loved getting into the chemistry between the main characters...and totally felt like a voyeur. That was how effectively intimate this book was written. I just gobbled that up!

I hope this won't be the last book in the series because it would be awesome to revisit these characters. Too bad there was minimal reference to Saint and Rachel in this book but there was enough Tahoe and Regina to make up for that. There are still a few characters in this world whose stories need to be told so I hope we get to read about them. I'll just hang out here and read other stuff while I wait for those.

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Sunday, December 4

Review: Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds Out of Bounds by Lauren Blakely
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a pretty quick and fun read. The fact this was an LB book and a sports romance to boot meant I had to read it the first chance I got. And I'm glad that I did because this book turned out to be a good pick. Although I was glad to have found a really enjoyable novella during a very busy week that could only make room for quick reads, I enjoyed this book so much that I feel bad that this was not a full-length book.

I loved the cutesy vibes I was getting from Dani and Drew's chemistry. Eeeeeep! The anticipation of whether they were getting a stab at a real relationship considering their positions in their professional lives added to the thrill. The one thing to be thankful for that this was only a novella was the fact that there was little drama and that the possible conflicts weren't dragged out. These two had it easy. I guess it worked with the overall feel of the book.

This is another win by LB! I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a quick and light read with the right amount of romance and fun.

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Thursday, December 1

Review: Managed

Managed Managed by Kristen Callihan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed Killian and Libby's story, the first book of this series, and I did not know what kind of expectations to have when I started reading this book. The number of scenes I got to know Scottie in that book gave me the impression that he was going to be a hard character to crack.

But I guess that stoicism made this read a more enjoyable one because Gabriel Scott turned out to be a very beautiful character. I have never been more wrong about a particular brooding alpha hero and I really enjoyed getting to know what made this man tick. I loved his instant chemistry with Sophie and I loved better the start of their relationship. Despite the attraction, they really tried their very best to make their companionship with each other work and not to mix anything sexual to it. These just made my insides melt!

Two beautiful characters that both had sad pasts, and yet somehow they managed to triumph in the end. I loved that even if Gabriel was feeling all disappointed with Sophie in that surprise twist, he didn't push her out of his life so easily--although that was the route that she took. Their coming together in the end was just fabulous to read.

The way Gabriel interacted with the band, Kill John, in this book also made me fall more in love with everyone in the band. And I am definitely looking forward to reading everyone's love story. No, make that impatiently waiting for the succeeding books to get released.

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Tuesday, November 29

Review: The Negotiation

The Negotiation The Negotiation by Sandi Lynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a quick read and was an enjoyable one. I did not have any high expectations when I started but I have obviously forgotten that the previous SL books I have read were great surprises in their simplicity.

Although this book was kind of predictable plot-wise, I was still sufficiently entertained with how both Emily and Jackson characters were written. I loved how they both confidently went into their deal with the expectation that nothing was going to change over time. They were both alphas and yet, they were also very well suited to each other's personalities. I just knew shit was going to hit the fan sooner or later and that was what I actually was most looking forward to.

I did not expect that this book was going to wring some tears from me because it was supposed to be simple and fun. But wow! That was totally unexpected right in the end. Or maybe not to some. But how the execution and storytelling was put together for a simple plot and story to come off as interestingly as it did in this book, is testament to how SL can write up a good book.

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Thursday, November 24

Review: Banger

Banger Banger by Aria Cole
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was a fast and short read. There was minimal drama and conflict and although I thought the main characters were okay, I thought the plot was too simple and bare. The alpha in Tobias could be appreciated but the story was just too fast for me to really appreciate how his relationship with Ellis developed. But yes to the plural!

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Review: Idol

Idol Idol by Kristen Callihan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Although I'm a big fan of KC's The Game Plan series, I really tried not to set high expectations before starting with her series. But it was kind of hard to since, aside from sports romances, rockstar romances are my top favorites.

Fortunately for me, this turned out to be a great read. Although I love rockstar romances, I love them more when the rockstars aren't exceedingly clich├ęd bad boys. I loved how Killian and Libby started out to be friends--although that was after a not-so-very friendly first meeting. Understatement of the year. But there was something genuinely non-rockstar-ly about their relationship and ironically, that was what really drew me into the story.

They each put the other together again and in the need to make sure that the other is happy and enjoying making music, they eventually started to break each other apart again. The lack of proper communication is the root of all evil in romances. Oh, well. The drama wasn't over the top and that's always a good thing.

This was really an enjoyable read. Gggggg, the feels! The rest of the band brought the funny side. So much potential in those secondary characters, too. Looking forward to how the entire series pans out but this was a fabulous way to kick it off. Yay!

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Monday, November 21

Review: The Goal

The Goal The Goal by Elle Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I decided to delay reading this book because I was too carried away by the entire series. I was afraid I was not giving them fair reviews because I was so wrapped in the characters and their lives and their world as a whole. And I have to say that because of that, I was also a bit apprehensive to read this book when there was too little I know of Tuck and Sabrina. Not to mention that the one time I met Sabrina in one of the previous books, she was somebody else's girl.

Apparently, EK knows just how to put together a story in any shape, way, or form because I was in love with this book (just like with the rest of the series) by the time I got to the end. Probably, even before then. Who would've thought that Tuck and Sabrina would pull off such angsty story and make you feel like you're not doing enough. And yet these kids were trying to make their relationship work despite the many hardships.

Pregnancy in young adults can be such a challenge, never mind that Sabrina was trying to make it to and survive law school. Tuck was just fresh out of college and starting to work on his dream business. There were obstacles everywhere and yet they manage to work around them. That scene when Tuck took Jamie out for a stroll around their neighborhood was probably my most favorite. I'm not ashamed to admit that I may have read it at least three times. Such a sweet, sweet guy. Ahhh.

It's such a sad thing when we have to let great characters go and say bye bye to a wonderfully written series. It was such a blast reading these characters and be able to have an in into their lives. I can only hope that what I've been reading around is true--there might still be a fifth book. My fingers are crossed for that one!

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