Saturday, September 2

Must -Die Books

I'm prepared to be disappointed when I read books by authors I haven't read before. It's when I get my hands on works by my fave authors and find them so frustrating that makes me wanna jump off a building. But of course not! I am not gonna die for an assholeish hero or heroine or plot!

All That Glitters by Linda Howard
I hate this book! I hate Jessica Stanton so much I wanna torch her.
Argh! And Nikolas Constantinos was a chauvinistic pig. They deserve each other. I don't get the whole point of the book and I get depressed just at the thought of it.

The Last Rogue by Deborah Simmons
I've read this book from cover to cover. Meaning, I've read the first couple of chapters and then the last. And to think that I was
uber excited to find this one because its prequel, The Vicar's Daughter, was a good read. But with this, getting through the first couple of chapters was like torture. Not a good sign.

Midnight Rainbow by Linda Howard
My bad, folks, when I said over in Holly's list of must-die books at SF that this is the prequel to
All That Glitters. Nope. It was the prequel to Diamond Bay. But it doesn't change the fact that I don't like it. I couldn't say it didn't leave an impression because it did--stay far, far away.

Tender Triumph by Judith McNaught
More like a not so tender loss. When you've read the great works of
JM, this one seemed like a ginormous letdown. I don't think the characters had enough chemistry, if at all. It took me months to finish it and I only did 'cause, duh!, I spent money on it.

Embraced By Love by Suzanne Brockmann
I detest the
woman in this novel--not heroine...never. She just underlined one major drawback of career women in a bad way--not being able to take care of their children. A lot of women are willing to do it; a lot struggle but does it anyway. But what's-her-name refused to even make the effort. And to think that the children involved were her own nephew and niece, not her husband's. Please, give me a gun! And I'm not convinced by the ending because I didn't think she can change and make the compromise work. Where's my goddamn gun?!

Oh, the list could go on and on but I am not in the mood right now to remember my bad reads. Maybe not ever. Just doing this for the good of the romance-reading peeps.

By the way, the list is not ranked in
un-preference. Okay? You can lump them all together at numero uno and I wouldn't care. Or as a local text joke says--I couldn't care a damn!


ames said...

Good list Kookie! I'll make sure to stay away from those Linda Howard titles. LOL I'm not that big a fan of Judith McNaught because I've read Whitney, My Love and I hear her characters don't wear condoms in her contemporary romances. hehehe

Kookie said...

So, thank God for Brockmann and her...uhm, condoms, huh? That's the reason why I love SB's books because the hero's are so responsible! Well, most of time, that is.

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