Monday, October 23

Forever Blue by Suzanne Brockmann

Blue McCoy was once the hero of Lucy Tait's teenage dreams -- quiet, dart and dangerous. After high school he left Hatboro Creek, South Carolina, to join the military. Years later, now a Navy Seal, Blue was a man who embodied all of Lucy's fantasies.

Now Blue is back in town, and Lucy is not the person he remembered. She's a no-nonsense police officer -- and a woman Blue can't take his eyes off. But then Blue is accused of murder. And Lucy is assigned his case. Now their brief affair has became part of an extensive investigation, where what's at stake is critical -- Blue's future . . . and maybe Lucy's heart.

I dunno why but I just wasn't able to connect to this book like I expected to. It's a Brockmann, for chrissakes! But it just wasn't one of my favorites. Don't get me wrong though, I adore Blue. And Lucy. But there's something lacking in the book--maybe it's the lack of SEAL action. I probably just missed Alpha Squad joking around and saying some really ashole-ish jokes. Or maybe not. But there it is.

But I lack sleep and I don't wanna get cranky. And talking about the details that made me not like this book (in SB level) is bound to make me cranky so let's not. Lemme just point out some of the better points instead.

I liked the fact that Blue could really talk with Lucy. We all know how talkative he was and when he started talking to Lucy about Hell Week, it was really kinda sweet. Any situation that has a person unconsciously go out of character and become this...better, and yet the same, person is always a beautiful and sweet thing. And she did that to him.

And I loved the letter Blue wrote to Lucy when he was detained in prison and he thought was gonna die--to be done in by the same people who murdered his stepbrother and whose murder Blue was pinned for.
"I've never said these words words to anyone ever in my life, let alone written them down, but somehow over the past few days, I fell in love with you, Yankee.
I thought you should know.


And better point number three was when Lucy wanted to wear jeans to her wedding. I might not like the book that much but I gotta say: Atta girl!

Final verdict: 6/10. Have-to read. It's part of the TDD series, isn't it?


Kristie (J) said...

I think this one is one of my two favourites of this series (the other one Get Lucky - the cover). I loved the way Blue and Lucy had know each other for years so they already had a history with each other. It's been years since I read it - I have the original cover but now I'm reminded of how much I liked it and I just might have to read it again!

ames said...

Hey Sweetie!! Sorry I haven't stopped by lately. :( I remember not really feeling this book either.

Kookie said...

Kristie (j)--
Well, I really wanted to like the book 'cause I liked Blue in Prince Joe but I dunno what happened with me 'cause no matter how I read the book over and over again, I just can't connect to it. But since it's an SB, it's a lot better others out there. :o)

No probs, gurl! I'm just glad you dropped by...I haven't had time to read books lately so I'm just trying my best to make do with what I can. :o)

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