Sunday, October 1

Frisco's Kid by Suzanne Brockmann

She couldn't mend his wounded body . . . but could she heal his heart? Being a navy SEAL is more than a career to Alan "Frisco" Francisco -- it is his whole identity. But now a bullet has threatened that existence. How can he function in combat when he can barely walk? Still, despite the doctor's warnings, Frisco is determined to achieve a full recovery.

But the unexpected appearance of his abandoned niece leaves Frisco with little time for anything but dealing with the five-year-old girl. He knows even less about parenting than about how to mend his broken body. And there is no way he's going to accept offers of help from his neighbor Mia Summerton. He doesn't need anyone's help . . . not to care for his niece, not to learn to accept his limitations and certainly not to fall in love.

This was the third installment in SB's
Tall, Dark & Dangerous series...I'll do this one first because I've misplaced my copy of Forever Blue. Argh!

It really surprised me how much I liked this book because I really didn't know what to expect. But Frisco and Mia turned out to be very likable characters. Add Natasha to the equation and you get yourself a good book.

I can relate to this because I do have a cousin who pretty much gave up on life after a vehicular accident. But Frisco, being the SEAL that he was, was used to being physically fit and not being hampered by a constricting condition like the one he had. And his pride made him think that he was going to be nothing if he didn't have control of his legs. It practically translated to him not having control of his life. But when his niece Natasha came into the picture, he had to turn his life around and was forced to face the fact that he could no longer do the many things he could before his injury. But at the same time, being unable to do those things did not make him any less of a man.

Mia helped him accept those things despite his stubborn refusal to do so. She was a tough cookie, that girl. I know I wouldn't last in that kind of situation because patience is not one of my strongest suits. But she was what Frisco needed in his life, someone who could override his own bullheadedness.

Now, Tasha was one cute little button! I know SB has said she was going to write Thomas King's story. I don't care if that'll happen five years from long as he ends up with Tash.

One of the best things about this book was the appearance of all members of the Alpha Squad in one go--Joe, Blue, Harvard, Cowboy, Wes, Bobby, and Lucky. What a bunch!

And lastly, lemme just say that I love the cover art of the Mira reissue. Hahaha!

Final verdict: 7.5/10. Must read.


Kristie (J) said...

I liked this offering of her Seals series too. It was ages ago that I read them. Now that I have them more readily available, I should do a reread of my favourites. And yea, this cover is much better than the original :)

ames said...

I read this book. Is Thomas the young man that watched Tash sometimes? How old was Tash again?

Dylan said...

I really need to read the TDD series, because I hear it's better than the TEAM 16 books, I think the reason why I haven't checked this out is I'm afraid of loving them more than my Retarded, but good review sweets!

ames said...

I don't know Dee. I've read both series. They're about the same. :P

Dylan said...

Really, Ames? Well then I'll try a bit harder to read these books then.

Kookie said...

Right-o, kristie (j), the cover art was something!

Hey, Ames said, I don't think that the TDD series is better than the Team 16 series...but the books are different in their own ways...No, you're not gonna love them any more than Sam but you're definitely gonna love them! Try to check 'em out.

And, Ames girl...yes Thomas was the young man who always watched Tash...and Tash was 5 years old--she was born right before Frisco left for the mission that busted his knee.

Dylan said...

Well then, I'm gonna get on this then...thanks sweets!

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