Monday, November 27

Once a Wife by Patricia Keelyn

When Sarah Colby was seventeen, she made the biggest mistake of her life. Her marriage to Reece Colby was in trouble, they were nearly destitute and their baby was sick. When Sarah's mother-in-law offered a solution, Sarah listened. Elizabeth Colby would look after Reece and baby Drew--if Sarah left. Seeing no other alternative, Sarah walked out.

Twelve years later, Sarah's still trying to live with herself. Then she learns that Drew's in trouble and she knows it's time to return. But how can she face Reece after deserting him? And what will happen when he finds out about Lyssa, the daughter he doesn't know he has?

An absolute cryfest--and I loved it!

Here's the question: if it had been me, would I have done what she did? For me, it's one of those questions that you think you have a ready answer to (whether a simple yes or no). But when you actually take a step back and really think about it, you'd come up with no answer--because it really calls for you to experience the situation first hand to actually form an honest opinion.

So it goes without saying that I neither approve or disapprove of Sarah leaving her husband and son (to save them). But I did admire her guts for actually showing up twelve years later. That was some courage knowing that she and Reece didn't part in good terms. But she did it anyway--and had her wish to tutor Drew so he could pass summer school.

Reece Colby. What a man. What can I say? If I had been in his place and the person I loved the most up and left for an insane reason and then showed up suddenly years later, I would most likely show him the door the first chance I get. But Reece was obviously an intelligent person and would never have ranted like I imagined I would. And to honestly admit to himself that he still had feelings for Sarah even after she broke his heart twelve years past just showed that he was/had a wonderful character.

So he agreed to let Sarah tutor their son for the summer with the agreement that she not tell Drew she was his mom. Sarah agreed as long as Drew would get the chance not to be held back in sixth grade--that way someone could also supervise with his eating without him knowing. He had been neglecting his health--something that shouldn't be done especially if one had juvenile diabetes.

But twelve years apart didn't erase the fact that Reece and Sarah loved each other very much. And as it turned out, still did. But then Reece found out that Sarah's daughter, Lyssa, was also his daughter. And before he could really have ample time to let it all sink in, to hit back at Sarah for leaving knowing she was pregnant with their second child, both Drew and Lyssa found out the truth about their parents. Then all hell broke loose.

And before Sarah explained what happened twelve years ago to their children, leaving the part played by Reece's mother out knowing that the old lady did save Drew, she admitted to Reece that she had kept Lyssa's existence from him, afraid that his family would get her, too, when they already had Drew. But then Reece was also man enough to admit to Sarah and to their children that he had played a part in her leaving twelve years ago, pushing her away when she most needed him.

Sarah took the risk of letting her Lyssa spend time with her father and brother. But in doing so, Reece then realized that it wasn't enough for Lyssa to spend the odd holiday with him and Drew--he wanted both his daughter and Sarah in his life forever. Twelve years apart was nothing since these two people were just destined to be together. And it goes to show that nothing's gonna stop anyone from having the destiny one wants and deserves.

Final verdict: 7/10. Good read.


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