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The Royal Dumonts

I found these books a few weeks back when I thought I had all the time in the world to read and review them. Actually, I accidentally found them. I was at a UBS one day looking for some good historicals but i just couldn't find any...or I just didn't like of the books I found there. But I looked at the cover art of His Majesty, M.D. and I was a goner. Fortunately enough, I found a couple of other books in the series. I think there's a fourth one but I found no trace of it--I'll work on that next time I get.

The Royal Dad

When Maggie Gillian met Prince Michel Phillipe, his aura of command emanated fr
om him like heat from the sun. His seeming perfection annoyed Maggie. Teaching His Majesty's young son was the reason she was in his kingdom, not the boy's surprisingly sexy single father. But she found herself wanting to know the man behind the prince...

Prince Michel was accustomed to women who agreed with every breath he took. But the feisty American tutor was turning out to be more than he'd bargained for. This royal dad was a man, with a man's needs...and what he needed was Maggie Gillian.

Doing the forbidden. Nothing's more fun. Right?

I don't mean that in the
nasty nasty way. Only that Prince Michel knew he had no business having a relationship with someone his advisers had not chosen for him. But for the first time in his life, he just wanted to be with someone for himself. And Maggie was that someone--and she happened to be the first person who wanted to prioritize Michel's happiness. Although that may be so, she never assumed that Michel would want to have her forever in his life seeing as she was a commoner.

And reading about Michel's efforts to keep her w
ith him just melted this royal watcher's heart. Sigh. The best one was his speech to his mother, the Queen, in a bid to let her see why Maggie was the perfect woman for Marceau's future king.

"She is argumentative but I've never met a woman deliver a more sincere apology than Maggie. She's impatient with protocol because she's impatient with anything that interferes with my happiness. She believes I deserve to be happy. She doesn't love me because I'm royalty. She loves me in spite of the fact that I'm a royalty. She loves Michel. She makes my worst day better. She takes the grind out of ruling. I'm a better person because of her."

Final verdict: 8/10. A must-read.

His Majesty, M.D.

Prince Nicholas's royal relations were forever trying to marry him off to
this princess or that heiress. But their latest choice--a shy, awkward American billionaire's daughter, more interested in computers than in men--was a disaster. and made her the perfect "fiancee"...

A fake engagement to this "ugly duckling" would let him return to his first love--medicine--and would surely never go anywhere. Except...Tara York was turning into a
swan--a confident, sensual, extremely desirable woman--before his very eyes. And suddenly, he was aching to truly make her his princess...

As I've said earlier, it was the cover art of this book that did me in for this continuity.
Muy delicioso!

And the book didn't disappoint either. I already enjoyed Nicholas's appearances in Michel's story. He was funny man Nick in that book. But I guess it was only natural for his character to m
orph into a more serious version of himself in his own book. And yet, he didn't lose his sense of humor.

And Tara was some character trying to fight off the attraction to the young and book version of McDreamy--with the hair to match. And wearing ugly oversized clothes and thick eyeglasses to make herself as unattractive to him as possible was a nice move. But being the smart guy he was, Nicholas saw through all that.

Even if they both agreed to pretend that they were engaged (so he can practice his medicine and she can finish her online university course), he couldn't help being attracted--and falling--for her. And when they were forced to marry after some pictures of them taking a late night swim were taken, I couldn't help but laugh at Nicholas's reaction. Very Colin-like of JG's Castles.

And this McDreamy version also had a way with words. Check these out:
"You remind me of everything good I want to be."
"Tara, I want to make all your wishes come true."
Wipe the puddle that is me on the floor right now.

Final verdict: 8/10. Must-read and must-have.

Princess in His Bed

The minute he saw the raven-haired beauty who'd crashed into his barn, rancher Jared McNeil knew he was in for trouble. Because she didn't have insurance, Mimi Deerman would work off her debt by caring for his nieces. Jared sensed she had secrets but Mimi's luscious curves drove him crazy. Before long she was burning up his bed and tearing down his defenses.

Princess Michelina Dumont had come to Wyoming incognito in search of her brother, but instead found passion. Would she trade in her royal tiara for the love of a lifetime?

I didn't expect to like this books as much as I did. Reading Michelina from the previous books gave me the impression that she was a brattish princess. A nice girl but brattish nonetheless.

But Jared McNeil's character really helped her turn around. They complement each other very nicely. And I didn't know that Michelina actually felt very useless in her role as a princess. But he made her feel the exact opposite.

The one thing I don't like about plots about royalties going incognito is the lying part. If you know me, you'd know I detest lying. Jared turned out to be an amazing character and I didn't want to read the part where he finds out the truth on Mimi's identity because I'd really feel bad for him when he'd start on feeling being used in the situation. But when he did find out, for me, he acted like a real man. He didn't sling accusation's at Michelina for leading him on about who she really was. In fact, he even helped her to get away from the royal guards when she was almost found and provided a cover for her. I loved him for facing the situation with such aplomb even when his heart was breaking because she had to leave.

When Michelina did find her way back to him, he refused her plans that they get married in Las Vegas and forced her to go back to her family, with him, because he knew that she was important to them. His little speech when her brothers tested him (although he didn't know that and thought that they were just being their royal asses) was a nice touch. He didn't react when they started asking him what his price was so that he'd leave Michelina. But he blew his top when they started 'insulting' her.
"You can insult me all you want, but lay off your sister. I don't care if you go by Your Majesty, Your Highness, billionaire or brother, if you insult Michelina, then I will cheerfully rip your face off."

Final verdict: 7.5/10. Great read.


ames said...

LOL I love the cover art for the first book. The heroine is feisty so she has red hair. Classic! :P

Kookie said...

Yes, she was. But the cover art on the second book rocked the best for me. >",<

Dylan said...

Oh dude, that sounds like some GREAT reading there, damn good reviews sweetie, I'm going to add these to my list.

I'm very much wanting to read Nicholas' book, that book sounds like just the thing I'd want to read, especially if there's a McDreamy in the book...LOL.

Kookie said...

I know, Dee, Nicholas was as dreamy as McDreamy at his best. It was his book that really set me to reading the whole thing even if I was dead on my feet last week.

Dylan said...

OH dude, I really need to find these books then, but do they come in different covers because you know me, cover snob...haha.

Kookie said...

The books's cover arts are the pics in the post, girl. I dunno if there had been any rerelease for them with different covers. Cover Snob II (me!) think they're fine...especially the one for Nicholas's book. LOL!

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