Thursday, November 30

White Lies by Linda Howard

Nothing could have prepared Jay Granger for the arrival of two FBI agents at her door--or for the news they brought. Her ex-husband, Steve, had been in a terrible accident that had left him gravely injured. The FBI needed Jay to confirm his identity.

The man Jay finds lying in the hospital bed is almost unrecognizable. Almost. Exhausted and afraid, Jay tentatively declares that he is Steve Crossfield. But the man who awakens from the coma is not at all as Jay remembers her husband. And he remembers nothing of their life together. Suddenly nothing is familiar. Not his appearance, not the intensity of his nature, not the desire that flashes between them. Who is this man? And will the discovery of his identity shatter the passion they share?

And here's the answer to my Guess My Book post. And I don't think Dee's gonna like this book or liked it when she read it. I distinctly remember her saying that she's not the biggest fan of plot's involving amnesia. If I remember correctly, she was dissecting JM's Only You at the time. Right, girl?

But I have to say that this was a pretty enjoyable book. When I actually read the synopsis, I really thought it was Steve Crossfield who was laid up in the hospital and that not remembering his life with Jay Granger was just the amnesia talking. But when it turned out that he was an entirely different person, that was when I got really hooked to the story.

I have to say that I really felt bad for Jay. She was just an innocent, dragged into the fray to protect one of the Agency's, well, agents. Can you just imagine having to take care of someone who doesn't remember you? Not to mention you divorced the person years ago. And then you find yourself slowly falling back in love with that person whom you thought was totally wrong for you--because this time around, he has become a different person. And the surprises just kept coming, when Jay discovered that it wasn't really her ex-husband who was in that hospital bed but a total stranger. So then she had to carry on a charade, pretending it really was Steve because if the Agency had gone to the lengths of finding her--the ex-wife of a casualty who died in the same accident the agent was injured in, that only meant she had to protect the man she had come to love.

Lucas Stone might not remember anything about Jay or of her being his wife. But then one thing was sure, it was her and her voice that helped him pull through from his coma. Yes, he couldn't remember anything about being married to her but this time around, he was pretty sure that they have it right and wanted to gave another go at being married. And for that I forgive him for lashing out at Jay later on in the story, when after he regained his memory and learned that Jay had known the truth before him. Understandable, because he had a difficulty gaining his memory back and thinking that if only Jay had said something, he wouldn't have had such a hard time with the flashbacks.

But it was all bluster. Lucas did also keep it from Jay that he had his memory back for a couple of days, not wanting what they had to end. Kinda like why Jay didn't say anything when she learned he wasn't her ex-husband--she was afraid she'd be sent away. Although good for her for running away while Lucas settled score with the man who was after him. Make the man work, now that's my kind of girl.

Final verdict: 7/10. Good read.


Holly said...

See, I loved this book. I'm not a big fan of the amnesia plots, either, but this is a favorite. Well, all of LH's are favorites, but still. LOL

Kookie said...

Amnesia or not, I just love Lucas Stone's intensity...very sexy! Hehe.

Zeek said...

I LOVED it! (I see we share the same love of several authors!)

Kookie said...

Hey, Zeek, this book is an absolute keeper. Right?

Birds of the same feather... :o)

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