Tuesday, December 26

The Cutting Edge by Linda Howard

Brett Rutland was Carter Engineering's top troubleshooter, so it was only logical for him to be sent to the L.A. office to crack a case of embezzlement.

Brett was a hard man--he had to be, in his life of work--so it hit him like a sledgehammer when he fell in love with Tessa Conway. Half of the men in the office had been in love with her for years, but Brett was the first she'd loved in return.

Their love was perfect, too perfect to last. One day Brett found the embezzler, and on that day their world came crashing down.

I dunno if now's the right time for me to review this book 'cause I'm still royally pissed at both main characters.

Take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale.

Aight. I hate the way Brett Rutland bulldozed his way into Tessa Conway's life as if he was the best thing since sliced bread. Territorial men can make a sexy read. But the jealousy Brett displayed in this story was just absurd. But I have to say that he made up for that when, still believing that Tessa was the guilty party, he was willing to bail her out. Which, of course, he had to since he put her there in the first place.

I perfectly understood why he had Tessa arrested. All the evidence pointed to her so you really can't blame him. The story had to go that way because if it didn't, we really wouldn't know if Tessa was guilty or not because Brett's next suspect was Sammy Wallace, who was a good friend of hers. And if he hadn't had Tessa arrested, I would ultimately decide him a weak character. I liked him for actually doing that and then working on to protect her even though he still believed her to be guilty of the charge.

As for Tessa, I liked her BUT for the fact that she was willing to let the real culprit go scat-free. I never would have done that even if that person didn't cause me a lot of heartache. What she did was amazing (-ly stupid). The guilty party, Hillary, did it for Sammy so that he could work on his new computer creation, and set Tessa up because Hillary was jealous of the friendship between the two close colleagues. And knowing how Sammy felt about Hillary, Tessa was willing to forgive Hillary. But if I were a good friend of Sammy's, I don't think I'd let Hillary near him. He deserved so much better.

But despite the negative comments, I still quite enjoyed the book. It relieved my boredom for a few hours. And on the LH-meter, it 's somewhere in the middle and leaning towards her better books.

Final verdict: 7/10. Good read.


Dylan (aka Rowena) said...

This is one of the LH's that I haven't read yet...but you were royally pissed off at the main characters? Well that doesn't bode well for me, but since you enjoyed the book, I'll keep it on my TBR list.

Kristie (J) said...

I read this one YEARS ago but I don't really remember it. Some of her earlier books aren't nearly as good as her later ones. Thankfully she has really improved over the years. I don't think this is one I'll be rereading any time soon - though I don't say that about many of her books.

Grace said...

I think this was one of the first Linda Howards that I read. I didn't like it too much, but I kept hoping that the rest of her books were like my first read (Mr. Perfect)

I agree with you Kookie, these characters made me mad. I just didn't get that giddy awww factor at the end.

Holly said...

I loved this book. LOL I think I'm a drama-whore. I like the DRAMA books.

I'm with you on everything you said, though. :)

Kookie said...

Now that it has been a few weeks since the first time I read it and having had reread the book, I find that I actually kind of liked it. Still not the biggest fan of the main characters but I liked it nonetheless. Definitely keep it in your TBR list, girl!

Kristie (j)--
I have been looking for this book for YEARS! LOL! It's a good thing I mentioned that fact to my friend because as it turned out, she did have it.

And yeah, I agree about LH improving through the years. Her earlier books were so-so for me and you can really read her improvement in her later releases.

Mr Perfect is my most fave LH book and none of her other works yet comes even close! The first time I read thisbook, I was mad but then since it was an LH, I reread it again and my opinion has since improved.

I won't be reading romances if I wasn't a drama-whore myself! ;p

Dylan aka Rowena said...

I'm gonna have to get on the ball and read this one then...thanks for the review sweets!

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