Tuesday, February 27

Beaten At My Own Game

And here I thought I was sacrificing nothing. I mean, compared to my first plan of entirely giving up reading for Lent, giving up historicals was nothing. What is forty days in the scheme of things, right? Well, at least, that was what I first thought last week.

And now I'm going out of my mind. It has only been a week, with a full month left, and I'm about to climb the walls already. Not to mention that I was at the UBS yesterday in search of some good contemps to break the tedium. But what did I find? A JQ and a LK. Sheesh! I had to no choice but to buy them but as soon as I got home, hid them at the book of my closet hoping I'll forget about them until it's safe to let them out. But I know they're there so it really is no wonder that I'm going out of my mind now.

I am so. NOT. Doing. This. Again! But I've always been a creature of habit so whatever I'll be giving up next year, I know I'll be in agony of missing it. Oh, but let's not talk about next year when I'm not so sure I'll survive this.


Holly said...

LMAO! Poor Kookie!

You'll be ok, babe.

There are some amazing contemps out there, so you should have plenty to read, right?

Kristie (J) said...

Why is it that when you decide to give up something that's what you want the very most???
Good luck *g*

nath said...

I have to say that I admire you and Ames for setting such strict restraints on yourself :D but at the same time: Why are you girls torturing yourselves?!?!?!?

well lessons learnt :) in the meantime, good luck!

Grace said...

Oh wow, giving up historicals for Lent? That's tough babe! But as Holly said, there are some amazing contemps out there. Just keep yourself glued to those for the rest of the month, and you'll ride this out. :)

ames said...

Haha! I remember last year. It was not pretty. BUT YOU CAN DO IT!!

Kookie said...

I know there are...although I've been sorta thankful that I've been busy with work lately so it does keep my mind off the things that I gave up.


I basically thought I knew what I was getting into even if I've NEVER done this--giving up something for Lent--before. But even if I'm so miserable right now, I wanna go ahead and prove to myself that I can do it. :o)

I did pick up an LH (Dying To Please) and an MJP (The Burning Point) over the weekend but I haven't had time to read them. Will definitely post the reviews as soon as I'm done with 'em.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Amy girl! :o)

Dylan said...

Dude..giving up historicals for me wouldn't be that hard...but dude, I applaud you for trying this one sweets! =)

Kookie said...

I am in the historicals mood for quite sometime now and the thought of reading contemps right now just doesn't do it for me...but I'm thriving. LOL!

Kailana said...

I could not imagine giving up reading of any kind.... Most people I know give up vices of some sort, I don't know many people that give up things that are not hurting them or other people.

Kookie said...

Hello, Kailana...welcome!

Exactly the point of sacrificing something for Lent--for it to hurt even just a little bit (in a sense)...and of course, reading is really a vice to me. So, there. LOL!

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