Thursday, February 22

Everyday, Average Jones by Suzanne Brockmann

The girl next door?

When Melody Evans needed someone to rescue her, she knew that Navy SEAL Harlan "Cowboy" Jones was just the man for the job. But afteward, when things got more intimate, she had to write it off to an adrenaline rush. After all, she was looking for an ordinary guy--and Cowboy was anything but. Too bad their encounter left Melody with more than just memories...

Then Cowboy paid Melody a surprise visit and saw her burgeoning belly. That did it--he had to convince her that they were meant to be together! That he could be as ordinary as the next guy. And he’d do it, too--even if it meant twenty-four-hour-a-day, hands-on contact...

This was my first ever SB. And it came to me as a birthday gift back in...1999. From my best pal, Olive. Lucky me!

I think Cowboy is a cutie patootie. Really. I mean, I love Cat but I can't say that about him because, well, that's Cat we're talking about. The big boss. Or maybe I'm just biased because as I've said, Cowboy's book was my first dose of SB. Ironic 'cause now I have some serious
jones for SB's SEALs--both in the TDD series and the TS series.

So, aight. I have admitted my jones for Jones but I'm not the biggest fan of his book. It was okay but then when I got to read the other books in the TDD series, Jones' just didn't have enough SEAL action. Yeah, there was the rescue mission right at the start but maybe because it was right there at the top of the story that the rest of the plot just kinda dragged for me. And Melody was a so-so kind of a heroine. First, she didn't tell Jones that she became pregnant; then when Jones found out and wanted to marry her, she refused. So what if Jones
might just be doing it because it was the right thing. He didn't exactly have the time to get used to it because she ended their few-day affair as if it was nothing. Stubborn woman. I wanted to give her a dose of Mary Lou Morrison.

In the end, it was Jones that came through and saved the story--by leaving Mel and giving her what she wanted as long as she agreed to place his name on the kid's birth certificate and for him to be there at its birth. That was a great idea from him. It had all the shades of "you don't know what your missing until you lose it." And it worked so kudos to Cowboy.

But someone who didn't get a kudos in this book was Lucky. What was the assholeishness all about?

Final verdict: 7/10. Good read.

P.S. This book review is a first in a list of future reviews on contemps. I couldn't give up on reading so instead I decided to give up historicals for Lent. I couldn't quite get enough of them lately so its sacrifice enough. I think. So How about you? What have you given up for Lent?


nath said...

Hey kookie, just out of curiosity, what do you mean by Lent? (is it someone, or an expression?)

Nice review, although I swore i would stay away from Suzanne Brockmann. Lots of ppl luv her and I usually love contemp, but I can't get into her. sigh.

ames said...

Hey Nath-Lent refers to the Catholic tradition of giving up something for 40 days before Easter. I think. LOL

Last year, I gave up buying books for 40 days. I'm not doing that again.

Kookie said...

Lent? Yeah, Amie girl is right on the dot on that one.

So you are one them. LOL! I understand perfectly. I have a friend--Olive from my post--who's as big a fan of romance novels as they come but just couldn't get motivated enough to read through all my SBs...I think she just did one or two.

Thanks for it explaining it to Nath, girl.

Gave up buying books, huh? That must have been hard. And I thought I wasn't really doing any sacrifice by giving up historicals but it's only been, what?, three days and already I'm 'suffering.'

ames said...

Oh it was really hard. I caved twice, and bought the Admiral's Bride (by SB which I really liked) and another book from the library (in my defense, it was only 25 cents).

Kristie (J) said...

Although I loved the other ones in this series I have to admit I hated this one. The heroine pushed all my hot buttons. I loathe heroines who deny a decent guy a chance to be a father when he wants to.
Hated, hated, hated this one.

And since I'm not Catholic I don't have to deny myself anything *g*

nath said...

First, thanks Ames for answering! Lots of ppl have been mentioning Lent lately and I just didn't know what it meant. I also remembered I asked the question, but didn't know where anymore!

Kookie - Ames did worse than last year! Instead of 40 days without buying books, she's going to go 6 months!! LOL

and yep, I'm one of those. Love romance, love suspense, love action, but Suzanne Brockmann leaves me cold. Technically, I hate how she never focus on her main characters. Instead, she starts developing threads for the next books and romance. And I don't like the stories either... sad.

Yeah Kristie! I'm not the only one who doesn't deny myself!!!

Kookie said...

One week down and I'm not doing very well. I'm practically dying here.

I perfectly understand--Mel really got to my nerves but as I've said, Jones saved the whole thing.

And since I have never been a religious person, I have never attempted to give up something for Lent before. I dunno what I ate last week that I suddenly decided to give up historicals. I see now that it was not a wise decision. :o(

To each his (her!) own. LOL! I kinda like the way several stories are incorporated in one book and at the same time, still have enough space for one full main story. But that's just me. :o)

And there really was something in the water last week. That decision just came out of the blue.

Dylan said...

I have always wanted to read this series but never got around to it...what's really going on?

Have you read Breaking Point by SB?

Kookie said...

Sadly, not yet...I can't find it in the damned bookstores! Grrrr!

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