Sunday, April 1

Dying To Please by Linda Howard

Loyal. Beautiful. Professional. Impeccably organized. Potentially lethal. Sarah Stevens is a woman with many distinctive qualities. First and foremost a butler par excellence, skilled at running large households smoothly and efficiently. She is also trained bodyguard and expert marksman--indispensable to her elderly employer whom Sarah has come to respect and love. Then one night she thwarts an attempted burglary, a courageous act that awards Sarah her "fifteen minutes of fame" with the local press. But the exposure is enough to catch the attention of a tortured soul, who unbeknownst to Sarah, will stop at nothing to have her for himself...

It really is hard to find LH books that are not keepers. I thought that this was one the first time I saw it. I doubted for one moment if whether I'd get it or not because there was no mention of a hero in the synopsis. But I just had to get it because it was one of the very few LH titles (keepers or not) that I don't have yet.

And oh boy, did I make the right choice or what.

I don't think but declare Thompson Cahill as one of LH's sexiest heroes ever. Hot diggity damn! I'm nearly speechless about this guy only that he's so freakin' hot and absolutely sexy. And I love the way LH makes her heroines extra special. And Sarah Stevens is no different--love her to bits. Cahill plus Sarah equals one explosive chemistry that never waned through the entire story.

Needless to say, this was another one-sitter. Also because the story was fast-paced and there were no gaps in between so turning the pages was not an effort.

Some might hate Cahill for suspecting Sarah of murder, even for a millisecond. But he was a cop and he only did the right thing by getting himself out of the investigation and let the others do the work. On the other hand, I might have hated him if he let Sarah off the hook just because he was sleeping with her even if some evidence pointed at her. He would've come out a horny loser who didn't know how to do his job right. But the best thing about him was that he knew he was wrong to even suspect her of murder. Insensitive clods wouldn't have and wouldn't have cared that they'd hurt someone. And despite that, he was already thinking of ways to apologize--go down on his knees and grovel for her to take him back.

I'll stop salivating now. Lemme just say that if you want chemistry leaping right out of the pages, this is your book.

And who'd have thought strip wrestling can be sooo much fun?

Final verdict: 8.5/10. Awesome read and a must-have.


ames said...

I like this one. Right from when he notices how kick ass she is...when she's sitting on the steps in her pjs. Yum. And the wrestling scene? Love it.

nath said...

this was one of the first one I read and I thought it was so-so... :P but then, perhaps it was because I wasn't used to her style yet.

Kookie said...

Just love the way he can't help himself about her. And he's just TSSS! hot!!! :o)

Well, I hope this one didn't turn you off her other titles 'cause LH is really something. Although this isn't my most favorite, it actually is one I'd hate losing! So I hope you've read--and will read-- her other works as well. :o)

Kris said...

I love LH's books they are great. I enjoyed this one as well. She was a neat heroine (not to mention the sexy hero).

Kookie said...

I agree. This book actually has one of the best hero-heroine chemistry ever created by LH.

Holly said...

OMG! Love me some Cahill! Naked Wrestling anyone? YUMMA! Dude, he's so hot! lol

I think the villain of this piece was exceptionally freaky, too. *shudder*

Color me a LH fangirl. lol

Kookie said...

I think that when one reads an LH, she automatically becomes a fangirl--there really is no helping that. That's why when someone tells me that they read romances and haven't read any LH books, I go like "What are you reading, girl?" LH is just so damn original, too. So, there.


Nicole said...

OMG I love this book. I so need to do a reread now. And you know you hit Cahill right on the nail. Everything you said I agree with.

Kookie said...

First there was Sam (of Mr Perfect)...and now, here's Cahill. I'm so tired of these LH heroes...

...and sometimes I can be such a liar!

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