Saturday, October 26

In Flight by RK Lilley

When reserved flight attendant Bianca gets one look at billionaire hotel owner James Cavendish, she loses all of her hard-won composure. For a girl who can easily juggle a tray of champagne flutes at 35,000 feet in three inch heels, she finds herself shockingly weak-kneed from their first encounter. The normally unruffled Bianca can't seem to look away from his electrifying turquoise gaze. They hold a challenge, and a promise, that she finds impossible to resist, and she is a girl who is used to saying no and meaning it.

Bianca is accustomed to dealing with supermodels and movie stars in her job as a first class flight attendant, but James Cavendish puts them all to shame in the looks department. If only it were just his looks that she found so irresistible about the intimidating man, Bianca could have ignored his attentions. But what tempts her like never before is the dominant pull he seems to have over her from the moment they meet, and the promise of pleasure, and pain, that she reads in his eyes.

Just when one thinks you only need Christian Grey in your life. Just the one, mind you. And then the world gives you James Cavendish. It was RK Lilley really. I don't even know where to start with this book. I'm neck deep in awesome. Read it in one go--missing some precious sleep and two meals.

This is the first book in the Up In The Air series. Geez, I hate it when I start reading a series when it's not done with the last book yet. Patience has never been one of my fortes. But then books do that to you, you know--that feeling that you just have to read them no matter what. But I'm just glad I have all three in the series.

So meet James. He had Grey written all over him. I'm sorry, but I can't help but draw some comparisons. But that doesn't mean he wasn't hot in his own right. Hot, hot, lip-smacking hot! And Bianca equally so. I loved her and her independent streak on the spot.

I'm not big on erotica and haven't read a lot from that genre. But I've never been more thankful to have stumbled on this book. Is it possible to love a book boyfriend more than Christian Grey? That's becoming more of a possibility and I've only read one book in this series so far. Two to go. Oh la la.

Final verdict: 9/10. Great read, must have.


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