Tuesday, October 8

Take Two...or Three?

Here I am again, trying to get back on the book-reviewing bike and trying to see if I can remember how to do it. According to my posts listing, I haven't reviewed a book since October 17, 2007. We're now just a few shorts days shy of six years since then. Oh, the horror! So please pardon me if I would seem a bit off with the reviews.

That may be six years of no reviews but that doesn't mean I haven't been reading up a storm. I can't survive six days without reading, let alone six years! I will try to review the current books that I have in my TBR pile to the best of my abilities and at the same time, go through my old ones. I can see that there are a number of book series that I need to finish reviewing. So I'll try to do all that. Looking back at the books I have read in the past few years, I feel overwhelmed. I have found new favorite authors and I have started using ebooks since then. But then again, it's all about reading and there's nothing wrong with revisiting old friends in those pages. There's going to be no loss there.

Aight. With that said, I will leave you with a promise to review at least one book a week. I can't promise more than that. I need to make a living to buy all these books, you know. LOL! I hope all's good. I am definitely looking forward to sharing my book thoughts with y'all again. 



Rowena said...

I'm so glad you're back! I love seeing old blogging friends again.


Kookie said...

Thank you, my friend. So good to be back. xx

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