Monday, December 2

Under The Mistletoe With Me by Kristen Proby

Isaac and Stacy Montgomery have been married for ten years. They have a beautiful new baby girl, Isaac’s construction business is thriving, and Stacy enjoys being a stay at home mom, reviewing sexy romance novels for her blog. With a very large extended family, and the many privileges they enjoy, Stacy will be the first to admit that they are blessed beyond measure.

When suspicious phone calls and text messages begin, Stacy questions Isaac’s faithfulness for the first time in their marriage. She knows that a new baby brings changes into a relationship, but has the stress of parenthood sent Isaac into another woman’s arms, threatening to destroy their marriage?

This With Me In Seattle novella shows us a glimpse into Jules’ brother, Isaac, and his wife Stacy’s lives, introduces us to some new characters, and reminds us of what it means to reconnect with the person you love the most, even if they never left in the first place.

I loved reading this novella. There is always that feeling that you just want an in to what happens after the end of a really good book. We didn't have Isaac and Stacy's book in the first place so all the more that I enjoyed this short read a good many times over.

Reading about Isaac and Stacy in Come Away With Me makes you wonder what their story was really like. This novella gives us a background on that and even without a main book for them, this is a perfect example that when happy ever after happens, everything is not going to be perfect from that point. Our heroes and their ladies might have a hard time getting pregnant or they could drift apart after a good number of years of marriage. We really don't know that after "The End" part of most of our favorite book. But we never know, we just like to think so.

This is another heart-warming story of love and family stamped with just the right amount of steamy Proby goodness. It may have been a novella but it didn't leave me hanging right at the end.

Finale verdict: 8/10. Great must read.


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