Wednesday, January 15

All Revved Up by Sylvia Day

On the eve of his thirtieth birthday, Miguel Santos leaves his high-powered life behind for a visit to the small town he grew up in… and the high school sweetheart whose wild passion he's never stopped craving.

Faith Bennett loved Miguel the moment she saw him. But she always knew his future was in New York, while hers was tied to the auto shop that was her close-knit family's livelihood. Pushing him away nearly broke her, but when he took her heart with him, he left something precious behind.

Now he's back, demanding her body, her desire, her very soul as retribution for the pain he still carries. He won't settle for anything less than everything she’s got, but she still can't leave with him and he still can't stay, and their past has secrets too explosive to share.

This is an okay read, perfect for when you are queuing for something--at the dentist's, doing the grocery, or simply waiting for any appointment.

This is very short. Although I prefer long-ish stories myself, I was actually glad that I had this when I did. I was pretty busy these past couple of days so I really didn't have the time to read a full-length novel but just enough time to squeeze this one in.

Now, this book may have spoiled me for this type of premise because, hey!, compressing a story like this into a very short novella is actually doable. Enough of the hulabaloo. There are times though that I like some hulabaloo in my reads. I didn't feel that this was rushed but then I may be singing a different tune if I had read this on a weekend or during those times when I had a lot of time to do some reading.

This is typical Sylvia Day--lots of steam, some very great characters, and a well-written story that even how short it really was, it still kinda left you full.

Final verdict: 6/10. Okay read.


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