Monday, January 13

Series Recommendation #1: Up In The Air by RK Lilley

When I stopped book blogging many years back, I didn't know I would be missing so much. Yes, I kept on reading but I forgot just how fun it is if you have fellow bookworms that you can get recommendations from. All I had was tunnel vision. I'm not saying what I read during that time were bad. My reading just needed a little spicing up and variety.

Up In The Air was the first series that I finished when I decided to go back to reviewing books. I have already read the Fifty Shades, Crossfire, and Twilight series, just to name a few, during my hiatus although I have yet to re-read them for review. The first two, yes. The last one, never. *evil laugh*

I may read schmexy books almost all the time but it's good to know there are still stories that can surprise me. This one did, too. I almost forgot about Christian and Gideon. Almost.

Hello, Mr Cavendish. I'm glad to have made your acquaintance. You and Bianca made for a jaw-dropping couple. In a very good way. 

Here are my reviews of the trilogy:

This series also introduced some lovely secondary characters--that already had their own novellas and even another series. I have yet to read them though. I'm not ready to let these characters go so I'm taking it slowly through each book. Although I don't hear any noise for my two most favorite secondary characters: a Damien and Jessa story. I hope Ms Lilley changes her mind about that and gives me something in that department. A novella, perhaps? Ah, this girl can hope.

Wait, there's more. GoodReads just shows a Book 4: Mr Beautiful. Oh, lordy. Help meee.


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