Sunday, February 2

A Little Wild by Kate St James

"She wants a piece of his rock. He needs her, rock steady, in his heart. "

Tess Sheridan won't let anything stop her from making partner at a prestigious law firm, especially her notoriously soft heart. The result? She's a handful of clients away from getting her name on that brass plate. And she hasn't had sex in over a year.

When her best friend dares her to test-drive her erotic fantasies with a gorgeous stranger, she figures, why not? Loosening the reins will give her inner nympho some well-deserved pampering without jeopardizing her career goals.

Zach Halliday has enjoyed his bad-boy reputation to the fullest, but now it's time to leave the relative safety of the family corporation and prove he can stand on his own in the business world. That doesn't mean he'll pass up an opportunity for some incredible phone sex with the beautiful strawberry blonde he met in a bar.

When business overlaps with the bedroom, Zach sees something special in Tess and is determined to convince her he's the man she needs, anytime, anyplace. She can backpedal, but come hell or high-climbing-wall, he wants the fascinating, complicated sex bomb in his bed. Over and over again.

I have been on a schmexy book fix lately and this is another concession. Even if I was reading another book. And because there are about a million of series out there that when I find a standalone book in my TBR pile, I can't help but grab it.

I have not read Kate St James before so I don't have any clear expectations on this book. The book turned out to be okay and surprisingly good. Cute, even. I just might read something else by her if I stumbled on one.

Tessa and Zach's relationship started on a dare, progressed to a no-strings-attached physical one, and almost ended when secrets were brought into the open, the dare included. I have to laugh at the idea of an inner nympho though because I admit to having an inner bitch. (Her name is Tiffany and she is a bit of a snob and winced at the cover art for this read. Ha!)

Although I thought there were some parts in the story that were a bit stiff, I thought the dialogue was actually the opposite. There was also enough steamy sex, humour, drama, and family drama to keep me going until the end. If you know me, I always have a soft spot for a book that has a strong family presence in it because it makes the characters more realisitic and not just fictional characters on paper...or on your reader. The secondary characters and stories were actually great to read. 

Advice: They couldn't done better with it but don't let the cover stop you from reading this. *sniggers* Even Tiffany nods her agreement to this.

Final verdict: 7/10. Okay read.


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