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How (Not) To Be Seduced By Rockstars by Marian Tee

When Fangirls Lie

Sapphire “Saffi” March used to be known as an eccentric genius, the girl who had made a laughingstock of her illustrious family. But she’s reinvented herself since then. Now a post-graduate honor student, Saffi is determined to be a dutiful daughter, with no one in her world ever supposed to know she’s also the most diehard fangirl of Sweden’s #1 Sex God.

It’s her greatest secret, and the times she watches the sex god

sing and dance are the only times she could just breathe…and be herself.

Handsome like a classical statue but earthy and sexy like a pagan god, Staffan Aehrenthal is the most wildly successful rockstar that ever came on stage. He should be celebrating being on top of his world, but a woman’s betrayal had Staffan forging a path to self-destruction instead.

Life no longer meant anything--until serendipity introduced him to a beautiful and funny girl with an adorably unique fascination with fishes.

When their worlds collide on one fateful weekend, Saffi is disguised as a gum-chewing hardcore groupie while Staffan pretends he hasn’t been trailing after her all over the Internet. It’s a recipe for the most hilarious and heartbreaking of disasters because when fangirls lie, the craziest things can happen--like a rockstar falling in love.

I read this serial as a bundle so I'm posting this review as one.

Let me just say that personally, I am a fangirl. Saying I'm a huge fangirl of just about anyone--music people (boybands!), moviestars, athletes--is an understatement. That was probably the reason why I gravitated towards these books.

I just couldn't help but feel envious about Saffi catching StafFan's eye. Honestly, that is every fangirl's dream. I may have at least one foot on the ground and never went as overboard as fantising to this extent. But to be given a chance to speak with one of my favorite rockstars at length is a dream! Lucky Saffi, really. I loved how she was a bit nerdy on one side but also had a naughty side to his personality--and was not afraid to show it either. 

This was an easy read. Still not the best I've gotten my eyes on but it was just ridiculously easy to go through with all the giggles along the way. This may not be something that I would recommended to everyone, espcially the pickier readers. Simply put, MT's writing style is an acquired taste.

When Fangirls Cry

Wonderful white marlin!

Fish-loving Saffi March is no longer a boring post-grad student by day, hopeless fangirl at night. Now that Sweden’s #1 Sex God Staffan Aehrenthal is in love with her, it’s only a matter of time before she has her happily-ever-after...right?

Devastating daggertooth pike conger!

Staffan Aehrenthal is determined never to fall in love again. Saffi hasn’t told Staffan she’s pregnant--and he ends up learning about it from the tabloids. She had made him believe in happily-ever after endings but now he knows it’s an illusion...just like the Saffi he thought he knew and loved.

Optimistic Oriental loach!

With Staffan and the whole world mistakenly thinking she’s carrying the baby of a desert prince, a happily-ever-after for her and Staffan doesn’t seem possible any longer. But Saffi is determined not to lose hope, not even if the man she’s only ever loved is the man who’s hurting her the most.

As much as I enjoyed some parts in this book, I hated the lying part the most--white lies, lying by omission, outright lying. They're all more or less the same. So when Saffi withheld important information from Staffan and continued lying about it even if she had chances to be honest about it, it just didn't sit well for me. When Staffan found out about it through the papers and all hell broke lose, there was noone I could blame but Saffi.

This was pretty much a light reading. I'd say there was a serious undertone in some parts...I won't say much to avoid spoilers, but all in all, it was a fun read. The incorporation of social media was a good touch and even if I felt that the ending was a bit rushed, the story still left me with some good vibes.

Final verdict: 6/10. Okay read.


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