Monday, March 24

Finding It by Cora Carmack

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find where you truly belong...

Most girls would kill to spend months traveling around Europe after college graduation with no responsibility, no parents, and no-limit credit cards. Kelsey Summers is no exception. She's having the time of her life...or that's what she keeps telling herself.

It's a lonely business trying to find out who you are, especially when you're afraid you won't like what you discover. No amount of drinking or dancing can chase away Kelsey's loneliness, but maybe Jackson Hunt can. After a few chance meetings, he convinces her to take a journey of adventure instead of alcohol. With each new city and experience, Kelsey's mind becomes a little clearer and her heart a little less hers. Jackson helps her unravel her own dreams and desires. But the more she learns about herself, the more Kelsey realizes how little she knows about Jackson.

Finally, Kelsey's story. I have liked this girl ever since the first book in this series. I liked how seemingly carefree she was and it was sad to know why she was that way. It was sad finding out the truth because her character was always such, well, a character. It was hard knowing what she really went trough.

It was a joy reading Kelsey unfolding into a freer person when she started to spend time with Jackson. I found it so because in this entire series, Kelsey was probably the most difficult person to connect to (versus Bliss or Cade). And because of that, this book was much better than I expected.

And there was Jackson. What can I say? It was unfortunate how he came to be part of Kelsey's life but he nevertheless made an awesome job of helping Kelsey come from living in her past. And I just can't hate a man who knows how to put words into paper. Letter-writing guys are nom.

One thing I would've loved to be part of the book: Kelsey's letter to Jackson right at the end. It would've been awesome to have read that.

Final verdict: 8/10. Good read.

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