Thursday, May 8

International Chick Lit Month Featurette

May is International Chick Lit Month. Kevin of I Heart Chick Lit was awesome enought to do a featurette on me and my blog that was originally posted on the International Chick Lit Month blog. Thanks again for including me in this helluva month-long party!

Here is our little somthin' somethin'.

1. First all, tell us about your blog, Bookabulary.

I started Bookabulary in 2006 when I was in between jobs. I already had a personal blog but I wanted a place where I can solely talk about (and gush!) about the books that I have read. Sadly, I had to stop after just a little over a year after I started because I got swamped with my new job. I just didn’t have the time to review all the books I read. But I decided to give book blogging another go late last year…and here I am!

2. Why do you like chick lit? Which book sparked your love for chick lit?

Reading has always been one of my most favorite things and I grew up loving books. I guess it was only a natural progression that I would start reading whatever was easily available at home. Venturing into ‘chick lit’ means going through my mother’s collection of Barbara Cartland novels when I was around 12! (That happened because I ran out of Nancy Drews and Sweet Valley Highs that summer.) Chick lit satisfies my inner romantic with all the happy-ever-afters I can take because in reality, I am a cynic when it comes to romance and love. Really.

3. Do you think bloggers play an important part in publishing today?

Definitely. Bloggers have been effective in spreading the word out about the latest books that are being published. They have also effectively helped in the booming business that is the self-publishing industry by authors that may have had little access to agents and publishers in the past. Whether bloggers love or hate a book, their opinions get put out there into the consciousness of the reading public. There definitely is no such thing as bad publicity.

4. If you can marry a literary hero, who would it be?

Oooh. How do I answer this? I don’t think I can marry everyone I like in this lifetime. I’m sure there are more recent heroes that I love to bits but I have to consider longevity. With that, I would say Matthew Farrell from Judith McNaught’s Paradise. I read this book when I was 14 and I still love it and Matt everytime I re-read it. Every time. I guess that can only mean we would have made a good marriage, right?

5. What’s the perfect reading companion for you?

Well, thank God for e-readers! I don’t think I can go out of the house without either my iPod or iPad Mini with me. One can never tell when you need to pull out an instant read to rescue one from boredom. As lovely as a book smells, there’s nothing quite like the convenience of having a number of books at the tip of one’s fingertips.


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