Wednesday, May 14

Series Recommendation #8: Losing It by Cora Carmack

This series tells the stories of three college friends totalling to three standalone books and two novellas. I am still unhappy about the fact that my Cade, of all main characters, did not get a novella. It's a cruel, cruel world!

Nevertheless, this was a good series. I was very impressed with CC's stuff when I read Losing It because it was my first time reading her. And just when I thought I was over-the-top crazy for the first book, she gave me Faking It. I. Adored. This. Book. Totally, totally fell for Cade. I loved him! Sigh. I want more of him to read though.

I know people who loved every written word of this series. This is an obvious recommendation for everyone who loves an NA story taken to the next level...of awesome.


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