Tuesday, July 29

Little Black Book by Tabatha Varga ad Melissa Andrea

My name’s Sebastian Black, and I want to buy you. I could have any woman I want, but I choose you. 

Here’s my offer… 
I’ll put your name in my LITTLE BLACK BOOK, and when I want you, I’ll call you. When I call, you’re going to come, in more ways than one. It will be mutually pleasurable for both of us. 

There are only two rules: 

If you do either, I’ll remove you from my book and payment stops. 

Do we have an understanding?

This was one of those books that you just couldn't almost wait to read as soon as you hear about them and then by the time you get a copy, you are a big mess. Never mind that I had to set this aside for last week's Sex Me Up Readathon. So I had to wait for several days more than necessary. I never knew such patience. Haha!

I was enjoying reading this because I was really into the chemistry between Sebastian and Rosslyn. Well, Sebastian started out as a douche because, hey, he did have a little black book...versus men in this age and day have theirs in their heads...or smartphones. That doesn't make them any less douchy, of course. But still, the possibility of this incredibly cocky character falling in love was really something I looked forward to.

Finding out about the conflict of the story really burst my bubble though. What a party pooper. The going was good and then poof! I don't know but there are just somethings that I can be black-and-white about and this is one of those things. But I guess fate can be bitch like that on occasion...like the conflict, not about me refusing to see gray.

Nevertheless, this was still an okay read. It might have gone downhill for me for a bit but this was well written enough for me to finish it. It might have ended still a bit off for me but I think some other reader will find enough of the closure the story deserved.

Final verdict: 6/10. Okay read. I think.


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