Friday, July 11

Sexting The Limits by Remy Richard

Celeste Benning lost her phone-the lifeline that connects her to everything social. Luckily, she's able to retrace her steps and find not just her phone, but a hot bartender who leaves her head spinning and a mystery man who sends her sexy text messages that leave her phone smoking. When a gorgeous woman comes into his bar looking for her phone, Grant is only too happy to save the day...and ask her to go out with him the next night. Then he impulsively sends her some anonymous text messages designed to tease and titillate, realizing only too late that he's just become his own romantic competition. While Celeste wonders how to choose between the sexy, exciting mystery man and lovable, gorgeous Grant, Grant wonders how Celeste will react when she realizes that both men are the same person...and how he can convince her to stay with him forever.

Saying that this is a pretty busy week is an understatement. I barely had time to read a full length novel so my best option was to find a good novella to read. This was the one that got randomly clicked. 

I didn't expect much because this was the first time I'm reading this author. This novella turned out to be between so-so and okay. I understood that based on the premise of the book, there isn't much of a story to go on. But in the first place, I really couldn't complain much since I knew what I was going into after reading the blurb.

To cut a short story shorter, I am in between two opinions about this read. My first reaction was I wish I have the same result if ever I lose my phone. Which has never happened. Never. But as I was going through the story, my reaction eventually turned to thinking I would never do what Celeste did with a stranger. How does one text that much when they are, uhm, otherwise occupied? Gggggg. I don't want to find out. But all in all, I guess I'm a bit okay with the entire book. I will not say not to read this book BUT I would leave it to you to decide if you would want to read this book or not.

Final verdict: 5/10. Hmm, so so.


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