Tuesday, July 1

Top Choice Reads From January-June 2014

I cannot believe that I have read a total of 90 books already this year. I have never bothered counting the books I read in a year before so I thought setting it at 100 was high enough. Huh, little did I know.

So this year had been pretty awesome when it comes to books. Although I have stumbled on some bad ones, I primarily was able to get my hands some very great books. Which in turn did not make picking out the best easy. As you can see I have added a runner-up...because it's that hard to choose.

So here they are, my favorite reads from the first half of this year. I hope you can get copies of these and enjoy them as much as I did. (Click on the links for my reviews.)

Runner-up: VIP by M Robinson

(or you can make this the whole BB series)





Cheers to a better second half of the year!


Rowena said...

Good luck on the second half of the year. Like you, I didn't count the number of books I read each year, until I became a book blogger. Now I have reading goals and all that. I love it.

Kookie said...

Imagine if we have started counting all books we've read from the very beginning. They'll be in the thousands!

I am hoping the second half of this year is as good as the first, if not better. :)

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