Friday, January 9

One Night Stand by JS Cooper and Helen Cooper

It was only supposed to be one night! 

We met at a wedding. He was hot. And I’d been in a year’s drought. 

He smiled. We got drunk.We flirted. We hooked up. I left early the next morning without saying goodbye. It was only meant to be a one night stand. I didn’t want the awkward morning after moment. Not at all. 

Then I went home for the weekend. And he was there. Sitting on the couch chatting to my dad. Turns out he was more than just a stranger. Turns out that my one night stand was about to cause a whole heap of trouble. Turns out that it never just stops with one night. 

So I finished this quick read last night and wow. What happened? The blurb promised for this story to be sooo much more but then right after I read it? I didn't know what hit me really.

The first few chapters were great--steamy, sexy, and fun. These were the things I was expecting when I decided to read this book. But the going was so good that when the true identities of our protagonists were revealed, it felt like one giant ball of disappointment. And just went down a downward spiral from there.

I trudged on through because I was hoping that it would take a better turn. But it didn't. What a waste of that hot, hot, hot cover.

Final verdict: 3/10. Ugh.


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