Wednesday, January 21

Series Recommendation #15: Call by Emma Hart

These books were my very first EH books and damned if I was not hooked! I just loved how well the storytelling was put together. The blurb may make you feel a tad apprehensive but then I was glad to have decided having a go at this gem of a series because then I wouldn't have met Dayton and Aaron.

It was a joy reading this love story. I read romance novels day in and day out and it's always a great feeling to read something that has something different--whether it be the unusual twist or the not-so-usual character stereotype. One of my more favorite plots is when characters have a history together well before the main story begins. It's almost always a win and this story definitely didn't disappoint in that department.

Without giving away anything, this series got my thumbs-up in so many things. It may not be perfect but it was great enough for me to keep on reading EH because, man, that writing is great. One thing is for sure, the next time I decide to read EH, there will be no more apprehensions after reading the blurb. Heck, forget the blurb. Let's just move on to the reading part already.

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