Saturday, January 10

Top Choice Reads From July-December 2014

I know, I know. I am now two Saturdays late for this post but here I am anyway. Quite a difference from the timely post that I did when I made the shortlist for my most favorite reads for the first half of last year.

The second half of 2014 was a real challenge. I was busy, busy, busy and didn't have much time for books. But reading is like breathing for most of us so I was glad that I still managed to squeeze in some time to do it. I mean, it's better that I have no time to read than for my favorite authors to have no time to write, right? I'm still thankful though that despite the minimal time, I still put in some reading time and despite the small reading count I made, I still managed to find some good reads. 

So here is my shortlist for the best books I read for the second half of 2014. I say it was a pretty good year and still, I hope that 2015 will do much, much better. (Click on the title links for my reviews.)



Best pick: Dair by RK Lilley




Bring it on, 2015!


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