Monday, October 24

Review: Still Just Human

Still Just Human Still Just Human by Kerry Heavens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loooved the Just Human series so much so I almost had a heart attack when I came across this quick read. Ahhh, it's been years. I didn't know I was missing Danny and Liv so much until I started on this one.

It was so good to look into their lives now, years after getting back together. Life will never be perfect, even after the HEA. It was evident that despite all the loving, there are still going to be bumps along the way. And I loved how Danny and Liv and their other couple friends managed to overcome these bumps and stay strong.

I rarely five-star a novella but KH always makes my heart happy. So here it is! This is a must-read, folks! Or start with the main series and then add this cherry on top.

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