Tuesday, December 26

Undercover Princess by Suzanne Brockmann

"The name's Wind, Kathy Wind..."

With these words, Princess Katherine Wyndham went from sensible sister to secret agent. Her mission: to locate her brother--the long-lost crown prince. Her cover: nanny for handsome tycoon Trey Sutherland.

Caring for Trey's kids came more naturally than any royal duty. And falling for the brooding widower was effortless. But Katherine had always been the plain-Jane princess. Was it too much to hope that he could want a happily-ever-after with
her...especially once he discovered who she really was?

When my sister and I moved to a new place a couple of weeks or so back, it gave me the opportunity to clean out my bookshelves and see what books were really worth keeping and what books were UBS-bound. In doing so I was able to check out the older books that I've had for years--there were even those that I'd forgotten I had (they, of course, are now at the UBS). And there were some, I think, that are worthy of a reread before I make a final decision on what to do with them.

This book tops that TBRr list. It being an SB means it's not going anywhere near the UBS though. I just felt like rereading it. This was my second SB (my first being Average, Everyday Jones) and I didn't even notice then that I had another one by her until I put it with the other books. And I didn't become a rabid fangirl of hers until after my third, The Unsung Hero. Okay, enough chit-chat and on to the review.

Obviously, it's a non-SEAL book so it's kinda special already. And it's a royalty book so that's another plus. Unfortunately, it was part of the Royally Wed series and I never found any of the other books in it. Since the others novels were not by SB, I don't particularly care except that it would have been nice to read the other stories--and if how the Wyndborough princesses found their brother.

Princess Katherine Wyndham, or Kathy, never meant to go undercover. She set up an appointment with Trey Sutherland because she suspected he might know where her missing brother was. But the housekeeper thought Kathy was there for an interview for the nanny position. Kathy bought into the charade and when the reclusive millionaire hired her, she thought it was a good cover as any while she looked for her brother.

However, she didn't count on falling in love with Trey and his kids. She didn't know that teaching the Sutherlands how to be a family again was actually setting herself up for heartbreak. And no princess training readied her to make Trey understand that he didn't fail his first wife when Helen asked him for more pain medication so she can put an end to her cancer pain. Helen, nonetheless, ended up doing it all the same.

Trey thought he had failed his children, too. And after Helen died, he found himself spending less and less time with them. But Kathy showed him that it was alright to spend time with them again. And so he was offering Kathy more than any nanny could refuse--she was good with and to the children and they could couldn't afford to have no nanny with Christmas fast approaching. And when he had made love to Kathy, he found himself offering her half of what he owned. Although his daughter Stacy had brought up the subject of marriage long before that.

But then his mother pointed out that it was resourceful of Princess Katherine of Wyndborough to snare a future husband who was someone as rich and reclusive as Trey--and Trey thought he had been played.

Then Trey's daughter, Stacy, disappeared and once again it was Kathy who made him see that Stacy was kidnapped and didn't run away just to spite him for firing Kathy. And it was then that he realized that he loved her--whether she was a nanny or a princess didn't matter. And that he wouldn't let her walk away from him and his family.

I guess I liked the story well enough. The only problem was that Trey didn't have enough time to grovel in the end. It's not the I-love-you-let's-get-married kind of ending but I somehow felt that he should have worked more to get Kathy back after he fired her while not letting her explain why she was in the position she was in in the first place.

Final verdict: 7/10. Good read.


Dylan (aka Rowena) said...

I'm very partial to SB's SEAL books but that won't stop me from reading this book...I'll give it a go sooner or later...good review though sweetie.

A lot of SB books don't have the traditional endings like we're used to in romance novels, huh? Like Tom and Kelly? Huh...

Kookie said...

Thanks, Dee. I'm partial to the SEAL books myself but it's kinda fun reading an SB with no mention of SEALs anywhere in the pages. And this book is definitely a keeper! Reading about royalty can be so much fun.


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