Thursday, June 7

Midnight Warrior by Iris Johansen


Taken as a slave, fiery, tempestuous Brynn of Falkhaar was awed by the magnificent warrior who stood before her. Known for her skills as a healer, she had been brought to his battlefield tent to save his dying friend. Yet in the days and nights ahead, the sensual conqueror made it clear she might be more than nursemaid to his soldiers. She could be the intimate plaything of his seductive desires.

Dark, brooding, and passionate, Lord Gage Dumont was a man used to conquest. And yet with one look at the medieval slave he'd been given as his spoils, he realized she held him prisoner. As she fought to save his friend with her healing powers, Dumont felt her fiery touch deep in his scarred soul. Though he may have already owned her body, what he wanted was her heart--and for that he would risk everything.

IJ had put enough intrigue into her old medieval books that I can't help but reread them for the nth time. Here is another example. Although unlike her other stuff, she saved the twist in the plot right at the end of this story surprising the heck out of me the first time I read it for finding out I have just read a King Arthur tale. Really, really cool.

One thing that annoyed me in this story is the fact that Brynn was married to another man, idiot though he might be, when her relationship with Gage started. I was surprised as Gage was when he found out--undoubtedly a HUH?! moment. Since she never gave ascent to the union, they might not have been legally wed but we all know anything goes at that time so they were nevertheless married in the eyes of man. Hence the minus factor from the plot. Other than that, I'm all okay with the rest. Obviously, I've reread it from time to time.

The main point is that I love the hero, Gage Dumont--very bullheaded and someone who busted his ass off to get what he wanted (which happened to be Brynn). I can't explain it but his character turned out to be charming without being charming on effort. Just when I thought his attraction to Brynn was all about lust, he proved it otherwise. Because when she offered herself after admitting that she loved him, he refused--unless she would commit to marrying him. That was really something considering that he had been after her like crazy.

One thing that also clicked for me in this book was Gage's friend Malik. What a flirt! But a sweet one for that matter. Imagine someone willing to scar his face so that you will like him some more because what might be holding you back is his infamous comeliness and the thought that he might be too handsome to be serious. Or to freeze himself in frigid weather (not my thing that's for sure) to prove that he will do anything for you. Sweet, sweet man. In fact, it's probable that he was one of the reasons that I was able to finish this book despite my misgivings about the heroine.

This was another good reread session--which I had to do. I have been slowly going through some of my old books because it's high time to do some weeding out and for another trip to the UBS. It goes without saying that this book safe from the boot. For now.

Final verdict: 7/10. Good read.


Zeek said...

IJ, is another lady that holds a special place on my keeper shelf. At the time these came out, I couldn't get enough of them. I hate her new ones, minus sex!

These are favorite rereads of mine and, as a matter of fact, I just reread The Magnificent Rogue! (not my fav reread of hers, but better than some of the new crap coming out!)

Zeek said...

I meant I hate her new ones BECAUSE of the minus sex!

Kookie said...

LOL! Am with you on that one. I was only able to read I think a couple of her contemp ones and even though they were good-enough reads, I just couldn't get the fact that she was better at her medieval books than at her later stuff out of my mind. And it's not even the "minus sex" part that sucks. (Or maybe that's it. But I honestly don't think so.) So basically I'm stuck with comparing her better earlier releases with her later books. :o(

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