Saturday, June 2

Our Secret Love by Miranda Harry

Dana Lipton has totally fallen for Chris Geller. Who wouldn't? He's sexy, funny, and smart--and he's just as crazy about Dana as she is about him. But there's one problem: Chris is her older brother Brian's best friend, and he's supposed to be off-limits.

Dana and Chris can't hide their feelings for each other any longer. One innocent date ends with an unforgettable kiss, and from then on it's the real thing. And when Brian finds out about their secret romance, he completely flips out, and forbids them to see each other. Will Brian scare Chris off...or is Chris and Dana's relationship strong enough to last?

Anyone complaining about any reading slumps? Hmm, I know exactly how that felt. I've started to read a few books--historicals and contemps alike--and I just couldn't seem to get past the second or the third chapter on any of them.

The solution? Young adult fiction. I know. It's undeniably a hoot. But what can I say except for the fact that I did manage to finish this old fave of mine. Well, a housemate borrowed this book and I couldn't help but read it when she returned it. I haven't read this--or any young adult fiction--in a number of years and I actually surprised myself when after rereading, I still found myself liking it.

It's stories like this that make me wish for and at the same time, not wish for a brother. I just think that it would actually be kinda cool if someone would be as overprotective of me as Dana's brother was of her in this book. But at the same time, it would definitely get stifling and restrictive, and life would be more difficult.

I just think that this story is really cute. Just imagine knowing someone practically your whole life and then realize one day that he could be the one. But it doesn't get any easier since your brother had declared his friends off-limits. That's Dana's case. But I understand her brother Brian's reasons for being overprotective--after all, he had watched his little sister go through cancer and survive.

But then one day Dana realized that Brian's best friend Chris wasn't just a friend to her anymore. What's more, Chris also realized that Dana was no longer just his best friend's kid sister. And I think that it's human nature to do what's forbidden. Hence, Dana and Chris got together. But it was never their intention to lie to Brian--only that circumstances forced them into that kind of situation and they were just waiting for the right time to tell him. But then big brother found out and all hell broke lose.

Chris later apologized to Brian and then told Dana he had decided that no girl was ever gonna come between his and Brian's friendship. It sounded lame to me--until I learned later in the book that he did it because so that he didn't want come between Dana and Brian's special bond forged during her recovery from leukemia.

Dana saw everything was going to be okay with her brother and Chris; and between her and Brian when he bought tickets for a concert. Only to find out that Brian bought tickets for her and Chris--Brian finally realized that the couple was miserable without each other.

It's a simple story and can be downright juvenile at some points. But the point that won me over was when Chris donated blood to see if some kid somewhere was a bone marrow match. After all, that was how Dana survived leukemia--some person was found and was a lucky match for her. Now that wasn't juvenile in the least.

Final verdict: 8/10. Good read.


Rowena said...

Oh man, I love these kinds of stories, this book looks hella old though and judging by that cover I know that I wouldn't have ever picked it up on my own...but since you say that it's really good, I'm rethinking my stance on that cover...haha.

Great review sweetie! So is Chris like a major hottie or what?

Kookie said...

Chris equals one helluva major hottie. Hell yeah! Trust me when I say that he--and the rest of the story--pretty much made up for the cover. Major understatement. LOL! :o)

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