Saturday, July 14

Harvard's Education by Suzanne Brockmann


As a navy SEAL, Harvard had seen his share of trainees before, but PJ Richards managed to pack more fire in her five-foot-two-inch body more than all the men he'd ever worked with. And he couldn't help hoping for some more personal contact.

One thing, always-in-control PJ Richards couldn't afford to do was let herself get sidetracked. Not now, when her goal was finally within reach. Unfortunately, so was Harvard--every hard-muscled, pure-male, irresistible inch of him...

There's nothing like an old SB reread to save my week. It started with me having two books to read. These were the ones I picked up last weekend and was quite excited about them. (I never keep a TBR pile because if I see all these yet to be read books, I'm 99 per cent sure to stay home to read each one of them rather than go to work. Believe me, it already happened.) One was a paranormal romance I thought would help get me out of historicals mania; the other was a historical to continue said mania. I did find out two things for sure: I'm not one for paranormal reads--all that biting/immortality/time travel just don't do it for me. And that I'm not not totally immersed in my historicals mania not to recognize an unejoyable Regency/medieval read. I guess it's safe to say that I won't be making reviews for those two books--total waste of time.

I think senior chiefs are absolutely lovable characters--and their own love stories always pack quite a punch. They play the always-there, go-to persons for all the big, bad SEALs and that puts them in a deeply reverent position.

And don't you just love it when they are brought down from their lofty positions in the alpha male ladder by a woman's love? Then you realize that they're only humans, too. Not machines, like I'm sure they bust their asses off to project.

Just as Daryl "Harvrd" Becker was determined to keep PJ Richards under his wing to prove that women don't belong in the front lines of war. PJ, however, is set to prove him wrong. But as their training turns into a real mission, H was forced to accept that PJ could be an asset as they go into enemy territory. And not only to complete one dangerous mission but most importantly, to save a friend and a comrade.

But not before they admitted to themselves that they were meant for each other. And the scene of their "marriage," handfast-style, is one of the most romantic scenes I've ever read. There's nothing quite like two people pledging their love for each other in the presence of God and nature.

And do you think it was coincidence that the H got a PJ for a heroine? LOL!

Final verdict: 7.5/10. Great read.


Kris said...

I LOVE Suzanne Brockmann's books. She has such great characters.

Kookie said...

I know. Love all them. LOL! :o)

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