Saturday, September 29

Yours Until Dawn by Teresa Medeiros

Gabriel Fairchild's valor during battle earns him the reputation of hero, but costs him both his sight and his hope for the future. Abandoned by the fiancee he adored, the man who once walked like a prince among London's elite secludes himself in his family's mansion, cursing his way through dark days and darker nights.

Prim nurse Samantha Wickersham arrives at Fairchild Park to find her new charge behaving more like a beast than a man. Determined to do her duty, she engages the arrogant earl in a battle of both wit and wills. Although he claims she doesn't possess an ounce of womanly softness, she can feel his heart racing st her slightest touch. As Samantha begins to let the light back into Gabriel's life and his heart, they both discover that some secrets--and some pleasures--are best explored in the dark...

Hadn't I said that September is book heaven with all the nice books I've found and read this month? And who would have thought that my much postponed trip to the UBS for me to unload some of my 'junk' proved to be fruitful in more ways than one--that I just might have found my author find of the year?

I've already seen Teresa Medeiros' books at the bookstore for quite sometime now. But since I haven't read a single one of her work, I balked at the thought of paying for them at the full brand-new prices. That turned out to be sound judgment (but would also have turned out to be worthy investments) since I found this book at the UBS for a great bargain.

And it was well worth it and more!

TM wove magic into this book that I finished it in one sitting. I went to work the following day in semi-stupor: from too much romance and much too less sleep. I'm not in the habit of giving out spoilers and I'm not going to start now but I could say that although it might have seemed like a predictable story, the way the plot was made kept me turning the pages until early dawn (pun slightly intended).

Let's start with our Samantha Wickersham. She possessed wit and charm and the strength of a woman just coming around to finding herself from girlhood. Others might give up or veer off to the wrong path when confronted with the harsh reality. But Sam plowed head on with no agenda other than to better herself. It turned out that she helped others around her better themselves, too. And when I think about it more and more, her character is fast becoming one of my all-time fave fave heroines.

I was already half in love with hero Gabriel Fairchild when he was described as scarred. I dunno why but I do have a tender spot for imperfect heroes--e.g. JL's Once A Princess' Stefan and JG's Castles' Colin. It symbolizes living and our heroes could only get sexier with it. After the anger, his capitulation to accept his blind existence was more heroic than his decision to go off to war.

Together they--plus the antics of Sam the dog--were beautiful and meshed well together. I couldn't help but laugh at some (many of them) points--especially when Sam (our heroine, not the dog) tricked Gabriel's butler to describe her physically. The only picture that came to my mind after the 'description' was Nanny McPhee. I have to say that our hero was a lucky devil--to find true love twice in his lifetime is a real blessing. and our heroine was an angel who deserved a second chance at finding true love. And they both proved that what the eye couldn't see, if it's real and pure, the heart and soul will see and recognize it for what it really is.

Final verdict: 8.5/10. Great read, sure keeper.


Dev said...

I have this one in my tbr pile, where it's been for over a year now. Your review makes me anxious to read it ~ who knows, this may be one of the lucky ones that gets picked up and actually read before the end of the year.

nath said...

Oh, this was my first TM and it is a great book :D I really liked the storyline and the characters :D Unfortunately, her other books are more hit and miss with me :(

Kookie said...

LOL! I did regret not picking this up sooner when I saw this book before at the bookstore. :o)

Oh! Well, I know I'm easily pleased so...LOL! But thanks for the heads up. But I do agree--this book had some great characters. :o)

Rowena said...

Ooh, I want to read this book now...goodness, I do not need more books to read.

Kookie said...

I know what you mean...LOL! I barely have time to read books these days let alone review them...but whatever helps to keep the stress away. ;P

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