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The Wedding Night Of An English Rogue by Jillian Hunter

Lord Heath Boscastle’s attraction for Julia Hepworth begins with a bang. She shoots him at a hunting party–accidentally, of course. Though the shot grazes his shoulder, her beauty pierces his heart. Sparks fly soon after when they find themselves dangerously close to a compromising position. Too inexperienced to understand such overwhelming emotions, Heath and Julia part ways.

Now, years later, Heath is a high-ranking intelligence officer, asked to protect his commander’s fiancée, Julia, while he chases down an elusive spy. Heath quickly regrets his promise when he meets Julia again–and their mutual desire still burns hotter than ever. Of course he will protect her. There is danger in the air. And Heath would never think of betraying his friend, until he learns that Julia herself has been betrayed. Suddenly seduction Boscastle style is the name of the game. Yet Julia has a trick or two up her own sleeve–and is determined to be a player, and not a mere pawn, in his wicked game.

Pressure is finally getting to me if it took me nearly a week to finish this book plus a few more days to post a review of it. Was that it? Or didn't the story impress me much for me not to at least try to lose some sleep just to finish the entire thing? I had extremely enjoyed the only other JH book that I've read that I might have been too excited to read this--and then there were actually some points when I was reading this book that I though maybe, just maybe, JH was a fluke.

But then I did get to the very last page and after breathing a sigh of relief, I realized that this book was actually a good one. Prolly not as good as the other book, which was the first book of this trilogy. But I found that I quite enjoyed our hero Heath Boscastle.

He was quite the mysterious brother when he appeared in his older brother Grayson's book. And now I know why. I loved it that he worked around the miscommunication that lost him Julia and that when he finally had a chance to see her again, he risked everything including honor and friendship just to have her again. Julia Hepworth was one of those heroines that we could never call "a sweet little thing." She was more aptly described at one point in the book as an Amazon and I had to smile about that. Yes, our Julia had spirit.

Fate has a funny way of intervening in our lives. It was Fate that brought our hero and heroine back together just when they thought that they would never have the chance to finish what had started between them when they were younger. Julia was already engaged to a good friend of Heath's at this time. I guess it was too convenient that Russell turned out to be an a-hole though. It would have been a nicer touch to really "wrong" him and that would have made a more complicated plot. I love it that way. But at least Heath didn't use that to his advantage to win Julia over again. Now that was a truly gentlemanly move.

This book did have the JH trademark of witty banter that made me like her other book so much. The caricature of a naked Heath making the rounds of London was a high point. And the fact that it was Julia herself who drew it did not help any. LOL! That was a good one. And although this was a light romance novel, the fact that there was a murderer in the lose that was bent on having his revenge on Russell and Heath added some color to the story, enough to give me a chill thinking how many times the monster got close to Julia. That was one sicko.

I might not have enjoyed this book as much as I wanted to--too high of an expectation?--but I still remain a fan of JH and look forward to finding the second book in this trilogy. Or any of her other books.

Final verdict: 7/10. Good read.

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The Wedding Night of an English Rogue


Dev said...

I love witty banter, so I should definitely give JH a try ~ I've never read anything by her. Thanks for the great review and I'll be checking her out in the future!

Rowena said...

Hmmm, why does this book sound familiar to me? I know I haven't read it but dude, it sounds really familiar...hmmm, great review sweetie, I'm thinking that since this sounds pretty good (even after you mentioned that it took you awhile to finish), I think I'm still going to put this book on the list....this book and the first one, as well...=)

Kookie said...

Yeah, you should give JH a try--you just might like her stuff. :o)

Glad to to recommended both books, girl! :o)

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