Thursday, November 21

Just The Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James

No woman could resist him—except the one he wanted most...

Cool, Calm, Collected...

Nothing fazes Taylor Donovan. In the courtroom she never lets the opposition see her sweat. In her personal life, she never lets any man rattle her—not even her cheating ex-fiancĂ©. So when she's assigned to coach People's "Sexiest Man Alive" for his role in his next big legal thriller, she refuses to fall for the Hollywood heartthrob's charms. Even if he is the Jason Andrews.

Confident, Famous, Irresistible...

Jason Andrews is used to having women fall at his feet. When Taylor Donovan gives him the cold shoulder, he's thrown for a loop. She's unlike any other woman he's ever met: uninterested in the limelight, seemingly immune to his advances, and shockingly capable of saying no to him. She's the perfect challenge. And the more she rejects him, the more he begins to realize she may just be his perfect match.

In the time when we are swamped with all these steamy hot reads, it's so refreshing to find (and enjoy!) a good ole romance without all those, uhm, distractions.

I love this book. I love the characters. You can discount the fact that I was imagining Michael (F)assbender as the lead guy in it since the first chapter. Nope, it didn't play a factor at all. *snickers*

I loved Taylor Donovan because tough-on-the outside, soft-on-the-inside ladies will always be a hit for me. I really enjoyed reading when, even if she tried her very best to show that she was unaffected by Jason Andrews, deep inside she was still a woman who wanted. Full stop. But who wouldn't be not affected by the Sexiest Man Alive, right? Most of all, I loved how she had an identity separate that of Jason and I just knew that she would still have one after the story ended, after she became Mrs Jason Andrews.

And then there was Jason Andrews. Despite the fact that he was named the Sexiest Man Alive, my most favorite parts in the book were when he really showed his vulnerability as man falling in love for the first time. We all know how bigger-than-life Hollywood personalities can get and it was lovely to read these parts when Taylor started to catch him offguard with her reactions to him (despite him using his charms like the usual) and when he started feeling jealous. Ahh, men. Aren't they adorable when they do that?

Ahh, the only thing I don't like about this book? It wasn't part of a series. Honestly, I would've loved to read about Jeremy's story. Jeremy, by the way, was Jason's bestfriend all the way from college before they both came to Hollywood. The lady secondary characters were great, too. I adored Linda, Taylor's secretary! I'll miss them.

Final verdict: 8/10. Must read, must have.


Rowena said...

I just re-read this book a couple of weeks ago and agreed with everything you just wrote. Loved this book. I really loved the way that they fell in love. It was over time and after a whole lot of driving the other person extremely crazy. This was such a good read.

Great review!

Kookie said...

Her books have been in my TBR for the longest time. I'm so glad to finally have started reading her stuff. Great read indeed! :)

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