Thursday, December 12

Booklovers and Shirts

Alright, I just finished doing laundry and just got inspired to share this.

Aside from books, t-shirts are one of my many favorite things. I just thought I'd share two of my favorites--probably because they are book related.

The first one is House Brawl. I mean, c'mon. Every Potterhead must to have this shirt. Threadless sells it in this various styles, e.g. jackets, ladies and men shirts, so you really have options on which to buy. If the style that you like is currently out of stock, you can always request for it to be reprinted.

My next favorite shirt would have to be Storytellers. Just look at that print! How many books can you name from there? This was a very clever shirt print idea...and just ideal for any booklover.


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