Wednesday, December 11

Faster Deeper by Colleen Masters

Fast Cars.

Beautiful Women.

Sexy Drivers.

Pain, Lies, Deceit, Tears, Violence, Anger, Blackmail, Passion, Love, Lust...


Siena wants Harrison, needs him, more than anything in the world, but she's falling in love with a man she can't have—Not without losing everything and everyone she's ever loved.

Harrison's set his sights on Siena and nothing can stand in his way—He's going to get her, or die trying.

This is the second book in Colleen Masters' Take Me series. Read my review of the first book, Faster Harder, here.

This book picked up where the first book left off--when Siena started getting the first blackmail material against her and Harrison. Because they come from rival teams in the F1 world, they continue to hide their relationship from the public despite the threat of everything getting out in the open that could really affect their professional and personal lives, especially on Siena's side since her older brother had started treating Harrison as enemy number one.

By the middle of this book, I had a pretty keen idea on who was blackmailing them. If I got it wrong, I'll be very disappointed--even if I don't have money riding on it. Meh. I somehow think that Harrison was still not alpha enough for me and didn't take enough control of the situation as I would've wanted. But I would also blame that on the part that Siena has more to lose on a personal level than him, i.e. her family.

Although this was fast-paced enough for me, there was still something lacking depthwise considering that this was the second book already. I was really expecting for the story to pick up. This doesn't mean that I'm not looking forward enough to the next installment in this series. Everything should come to a head since this books leaves us with the world finding out about Siena and Harrison's secret.

Final verdict: 7/10. Good read.


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