Monday, January 20

Lana by RK Lilley

Lana can’t remember a time when she wasn’t hopelessly in love with Akira. Even knowing that he viewed her as a kid sister had never helped to dampen her feelings. One night together only made it worse. After seducing Akira, it became apparent that their love affair was hopelessly one-sided, and heartbroken, Lana fled her beloved island paradise.

Eight years later, Lana finally returns home, planning to stay briefly, and only for business, but her plans go quickly awry when she runs into the man she could never get over.

I liked Lana just fine when I first met her in the RKL's Up In The Air series and I was pretty excited to get my hands on this read. Although I also know that this is a novella, in the end, I was kind of disappointed.

I am a huge fan of the Up In The Air trilogy and I was expecting the same connection I had with it with this book. Unfortunately, I didn't quite find it. I thought the book wasjust a bit rushed.

Nevertheless, it was still good to read Lana's story. She was quite the mystery when I read first read about her so it was a good fix to finally read her story and what she was all about, what made her tick. I wouldn't have minded her being more kickass and made Akira suffer just a bit.

This novella provided good closure if you have been intrigued by Lana's character in James and Bianca's trilogy, like I was.

Final verdict: 6/10. Okay read.


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