Tuesday, February 25

Own The Wind by Kristen Ashley

Too hot to handle...

Tabitha Allen grew up in the thick of Chaos--the Chaos Motorcycle Club, that is. Her father is Chaos' leader, and the club has always had her back. But one rider was different from the start. When Tabby was running wild, Shy Cage was there. When tragedy tore her life apart, he helped her piece it back together. And now, Tabby's thinking about much more than friendship...

Tabby is everything Shy's ever wanted, but everything he thinks he can't have. She's beautiful, smart, and as his friend's daughter, untouchable. Shy never expected more than friendship, so when Tabby indicates she wants more--much more--he feels like the luckiest man alive. But even lucky men can crash and burn...

Ahh, what a relief to have Tabby and Shy's story...because it could only mean one thing, right? More Tack time. I love, love, love that man. 

Anyway, this review is long overdue as I finished this Friday of last week. I went out of town though and had little to no time to go online, least of all post a review of this book. So here goes.

I though KA would go there and put together a story with an extremely young Tabby in it. This should teach me not to jump to conclusions when I'm way too early into the story. But reading the first several pages of the story was just gut-wrenching. I hated the way Shy had to watch Tabby live a life without him knowing early on in the story how he really felt about her. And I hated the way Tabby had to go out of her way to avoid him knowing how she really felt for him.

Although I was pretty sure I was going to get a happy-ever-after from this book, it was still great reading about Tabby and Shy's love story; of them finally finding their way back to each other after years of avoiding one another; of them fighting to keep their relationship despite so many people thinking they shouldn't be together. I just loved knowing Tack's baby girl got herself a really good man.

This was a great book to start on introducing (or re-introducing) some characters we may have met in Motorcycle Man as well what will probably be the main hook in the series. This is the first book in a new series, though, so I'm already looking forward to reading the rest of what KA has in store for them.

Final verdict: 8/10. Great read.


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