Saturday, February 8

Series Recommendation #3: Dream Man by Kristen Ashley

The Dream Man series was one of the very first books that made me decide that I wanted to go back to book blogging. I have always wanted to talk about books and now I regret having taken the years off from doing it. Finding this series really helped me in getting back on it.

Book series that would focus on just one couple are okay. Great, even. There are those times that I don't want to say goodbye to the characters and just want to read about them forever. But sometimes there are also those times when one book is just about enough for one love story. Reading about my beloved characters in other books in the series and see how they have grown since I was "with" them never fails to put a smile on my face. 

This series was perfect. We have hot alpha males that own a security company, two cops, and the leader of a motorcycle club. I mean, what is not to like, right? That was why I had to go back to blogging because how else can I gosh about Hawk? At first. And then adding Brock, Mitch, and Tack into the mix was just lethal to my senses. Thank you very much, Ms Ashley.

And if this series wasn't enough to make me grin like an idiot, KA spun off a new series from the rest of the characters in this series. I shall commence going gaga. 


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