Monday, March 31

Rock Her by Rachel Cross

She’s a small town nurse who had to grow up fast. He’s rock music’s most infamous guitarist. When a day at the beach turns life or death, their worlds collide, and no one will ever be the same.

Kate Gibson’s life has been all about family. She spent her high school years taking care of her dying mother, and her college years raising her younger sister. 

Alec Sawyer’s past was an excess of everything: drugs, parties, rock, sex, and money. His downfall had been long, spectacular, and public.

Thrown together by fate and the media, Kate and Alec find themselves falling in love. But dating in the spotlight has its downside, and some secrets are better left in the dark.

I never thought of this before but after reading this book, I have concluded that former heroes in books are equally hot as the rockstar ones are. But I also probably just needed an Alec Sawyer to help me come to my senses. Yes, I want an Alec please!

This book really surprised me. I just sort of just 'wanted to read it' because I came across it's other half, Rock Him, before and really liked it. But I didn't expect to like Alec, Kate, and that amazing chemistry they had together. I mean a rockstar turned lawyer was all my heart could take. Any better and I would have keeled over. (I'm trying not to gush here.) And oh, he had a dog, too. Come and take me already, Counselor Sawyer. And Kate was this all-around good girl with a good heart. With his past the way it was, Alec definitely deserved his HEA with her.

I read this book in one go because RC did a great job with the fluid storytelling. Just the right mix of romance, family drama, creepy stalkers, and friendships. Cons: Aside from wanting to smack some sense into Emma, Kate's younger sister, I could've really used an epilogue. I hate it when I love a book so much and I don't get to have one. I feel robbed.

Speaking of friendships, I adore it when our heroes and their ladies have a good set of these. And this book was a win if we talk friends. I actually wished I didn't read Rock Him before this (for my review of it, click here) because Asher, Alec's bestfriend, was totally charming my socks off in these pages. Love, love, love him.

Final verdict: 8/10. Great read.


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