Saturday, March 1

Selling It All by Josie Daleiden

It's hard to get ahead in the breakneck world of California real estate. Sarah finds herself locked in an interesting battle with the top dog; a handsome, yet enigmatic, bachelor who will stop at nothing to make a sale. As the stakes get higher, she surprises herself by what she is forced to accomplish. 

I finally got around to reading this novella after lining this up for reading--it was Friday night in and I was in the midst of deciding whether I should do laundry or not. I really didn't want to risk reading a full-length novel because even if I did want to skip doing the laundry, half of me wanted to do it and get it out of the way for the weekend.

And so I got myself stuck with this...and realized I should've jumped directly to doing the laundry instead. I'm not one to DNF a book. I feel bad when I DNF something and I usually stick to something, hoping for some sort of saving grace. Sadly, I just didn't find it here.

I found the characters flat and I just couldn't connect to the plot--too juvenile. Or the storytelling. I guess this could've worked as a full-length novel to give more dimension. But then it could've also been excruciating if it was. The ending was a bit rushed and was left hanging there with a "What...? That's it?!"

3 points for the cover though.

Final verdict: 3/10. Meh.


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