Sunday, April 6

Just Human by Kerry Heavens

Meet Liv and Danny...

Liv loves Danny. She knows she loves him more than he loves her, so she lets him go without a fight when his parents make him move back to America. She knows she will never love anyone like she loved him, but she has to move on.

Danny loves Liv. He knows he loves her more than she loves him, because she does nothing to get him to stay, so he goes quietly when his parents leave the UK. He knows he will never love anyone like he loved her, but he has to move on.

Twelve years on, they have made a good job of pretending, they may have almost forgotten. But when they get in touch via Facebook, it seems that it is all still there. 

They quickly find that they are intensely compatible in ways they hadn’t even begun to explore before they were forced apart. 

Can they put aside their fears and give it a go? Or will deep rooted doubts and insecurities tear them apart?

Saying I was a bit excited to get started on this series is a bit of an understatement. I had to set aside books already lined up for this weekend just so I can get on with Liv and Danny's love story. And I am now grateful that I did because I had a great time reading them.

I wouldn't go so far as to saying that I could relate to the story. (That's best served another day and definitely not through a blog.) But the premise of a rekindled romance after twelve years of silence is really something  that is close to my heart. The initial FB exchange that started their communication again after that time just caused butterflies in my stomach. I guess everyone may have gone through that stage when one had that kind of friend request and couldn't help feeling giddy when they got that message.

That tone really set the mood of the book as being relateable with an easy prose to match...that got me skipping a meal just so I can finish it one go. Note that this is me...who loves to eat much too much. I couldn't help sporting some silly grins when they eventually got around to seeing each other after so many years. It might not have been the easiest of roads but I find that they were able to easily got back together again and how they easily slipped back to being so comfortable with each other. It was totally enviable because I know I wouldn't be able to do that so easily. Not by a long shot.

Ha! I'm gushing. It didn't help one bit that Danny was a total romantic I wouldn't mind having for myself. Le sigh.

Final verdict: 8/10. Good read.


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