Sunday, April 6

Reasonable Doubt by Whitney Gracia Williams

My cock has an appetite. 

A huge and very particular appetite: Blonde, curvy, and preferably not a fucking liar...(Although, that's a story for another day.)

As a high profile lawyer, I don't have time to waste on relationships, so I fulfill my needs by anonymously chatting and sleeping with women I meet online. 

My rules are simple: One dinner. One night. No repeats. 

This is only casual sex. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

At least it was , until "Alyssa"...

She was supposed to be a 27 year old lawyer, a book hoarder, and completely unattractive. She was supposed to be someone I shared law advice with late at night, someone I could trust with details of my weekly escapades. 

But then she came into my firm for an interview--a college-intern interview, and everything fucking changed...

I am the kind of idiot who did not read anything about this before I started reading it. I. Was. That. Excited. So I started reading it only to realize it was a serial instead of the full-length novel that I expected to read in go.

To make matters worse, I totally loved this! I personally want to jump Andrew's bones. The man was hot and that mouth--phew! That dirty-taking mouth of his just got me going, I tell you. *fans self*

This was a fast-paced, funny, and steamy hot read. I loved Andrew and Alyssa, er, Aubrey's chemistry and the fact that they couldn't stop themselves from having the other. I actually liked that Aubrey wanted to just being friends with the 'mentor' she had met online. But I liked how Andrew just could help himself from seducing her. Those text message exchanges! *swoon* Thoreau me please, thank you.

I cannot wait for the second part in this serial to come out. I want more unf! Hurry, hurry!!!

Final verdict: 9/10. Great read.


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