Tuesday, May 6

Tied With Me by Kristen Proby

A man whose lifestyle is so different from her own...

Nic Dalton’s cupcake bakery is thriving. She serves both rock stars and locals alike, content with her growing business. But one adventurous night out with her best friend, Bailey, turns her life upside down. She meets a handsome stranger who makes her skin sizzle and her heart race. Their one night together is explosive and unexpected, but when he has to suddenly leave without taking her phone number, Nic resigns herself to never seeing him again.

...What will it take to trust and submit to his every desire?

Matt Montgomery is one of Seattle’s finest. He works hard, loves and protects his family fiercely, and is loyal almost to a fault.

And he has a penchant for bondage.

Matt enjoys the way a woman looks wrapped up in his ropes, and makes no apologies for his preferences. When he meets Nic at a fetish festival, the small, beautiful woman catches his eye, drawing him to her. His one night with her was everything he’s ever looked for in a partner, but is cut short because of a family emergency. Even before he sees her again weeks later, he knows he’ll never get her out of his system.

And he’ll do whatever it takes to make her his.

I would never pass up on the chance to visit the Montgomery and the Williams families because they are absolutely cray in the bestest sense of the word. 

And trust KP to make a BDSM book into something unBDSM! I mean, there were times when I totally forgot that was the theme for Matt and Nic's relationship. I have been waiting, quite impatiently I might add, to get my hands on this read because I have always been intrigued how Matt's story would go about considering what his kink was. I was not prepared for this. At all.

This book still had the witty and funny dialogue with very well-written characters that only the Proby can do. I loved how Matt can be a Master but that it stops in the bedroom. And how he is amazingly normal outside of that setting. And Nic's character really surprised me--in a good way. I barely had any idea about her and I have a Jules complex--I am uber protective of my guys so I was kinda hesitant to form an opinion about Nic. But she was the perfect lady for our Matt. I couldn't ask for anyone better.

There's just one thing I hate about this book: This read brings us two books closer to the end of this series. The thought just makes me cringe and sad at the same time. All awesomely great things come to an end, too. I thought it only happens to the good ones. Sigh.

Final verdict: 9/10. Great must-read.

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