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Rare And Precious Things by Raine Miller

Fresh from an idyllic honeymoon along the Italian coast, the Blackstones prepare for the birth of their precious baby and the challenges of settling into a new home. But things get complicated when specters from the past reappear to threaten the very foundation of their relationship. Ethan and Brynne will have to fight harder than ever for each other. Rare and Precious Things is the story of two people who both need the other in order to be complete, but learn just how "rare" their brand of love is when they have to risk everything in order to hold onto it.

There are times when a standalone is good enough. There are times when a trilogy does it. I actually thought that the Blackstone Affair was going to be a trilogy but as it turned out, we have a fourth book. I'm actually apprehensive because sometimes going beyond a third book is stretching things a bit too far. But this book proved me wrong.

I thought that this was a book of epilogues. Whatever loose ends in the third book were neatly tied up here...with a pretty bow, if I had my say. My highlights would be for Ethan who ***SPOILERS AHEAD*** finally decided to get help on how to handle his case of PTSD. This was really something I had been waiting to happen since book two. Who would have thought that I will get it two books later? And he quit smoking, too. Just lovely! For Brynne, it was finally having closure to what happened to her in high school. I did not see that twist--when Brynne and Lance were making their peace. There were tears when I read that scene. Lots of tears. Trust me when I say that the whole book was a case of highlight after highlight. I'm not going to itemize everything otherwise I will just retell the entire book.

Thanks to this, Ethan Blackstone has cemented his place in my book boyfriends to-do list. I mean, who can say no to the man? Seriously. It was so lovely to read his HEA with Brynne. It may have taken four books but they were very good four books indeed. Thank you, RM.

Final verdict: 8/10. Great read.

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