Sunday, June 29

Series Recommendation #10: Innocence by Alessandra Torre

I will not go against anyone who thinks that this is a bit 50 Shades-ish. But then again that is not uncommon these days. The difference is how well authors can make it their own. And it isn't a bad thing to be compared to 50 Shades when we all know that series was also based on another one, yeah?

Anyway, this series was an enjoyable read. There were ups and downs on my opinion as to the things that took place in the pages of these books. But the ups overwhelmed the downs so I will not hesitate to recommend these books.

The connection between Brad and Julia are scorching hot. Like, tssssss! Have I mentioned there's lots of steamy sex here? Hmmm, thank you, AT. Okay, while this series may not be perfect, I still had a good time spending time with the characters--very interesting ones, if I have my say, and a storyline with a bit more twist. I suggest you get your copies and read for yourself.



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