Monday, July 21

Series Recommendation #12: The Blackstone Affair by Raine Miller

Eversince FSOG became an international hit, an influx of Grey-esque romances flooded a lot of readers' TBR piles. I may have read one or two or three...and thought that I might have already had enough. Therefore the decision to delay reading this series. As it turned out, I was an idiot for waiting.

After reading all four books in this series, I have concluded to never underestimate a Raine Miller book ever again. Reading this series was an intense and heartfelt journey because it really had heart. The characters were well-written and who doesn't fall in love with Ethan and his love story with Brynne?

This series is another win. I suggest when you decide to start with the first book, have the other three books on the ready because you'll be going through each in a snap.


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