Monday, September 22

Reasonable Doubt Volume 3 by Whitney Gracia Williams

I hate him...

I hate that I fell in love with him, I hate that he didn’t love me back, and I hate the fact that I just made a life-altering decision just so I could get the hell away from him. 

He’d always said that he was unchangeable, heartless, and cold… 

I really should’ve believed him...

So we have come to the conclusion of this serial. I actually finished this a while back but I have been a lazybutt this month and only got to to posting this review.

This was one of those stories that just kept on surprising its readers. Well, I knew there were some things that were going to be really big secrets that were going to be revealed based on the teasers from the first two parts. But what the heck, I didn't expect THIS!

But I think my most favorite part was when Audrey really went for her dream of becoming a ballerina and, despite making that decision, she was still able to salvage her fledgling relationship with her parents. A heroine that eventually grows a spine always gets two thumbs up from me.

I couldn't actually believe when I learned that this is going to be the last installment in this series because hello! I need more Liam and Audrey. I want more of their happy ever after. Don't get me wrong, there's a proper conclusion to their story but I'm selfish like that when I bond with these characters.

Final verdict: 9/10. Great read.

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