Wednesday, December 31

Decker's Wood by Kirsty Dallas

Decker Steele had it made...Penthouse apartment, VIP parties, girls on tap. You see, Decker Steele is the Pornography Associations award winning, money making machine. But what does a self-confessed, pussy pounding warrior do when his prized package begins to fail? Freak the 'F' out, that's what! 

Andi Jennings is the socially inept, geeky and awkward cousin of Decker's best friend. Only she's not so geeky and awkward anymore. Now she's a smokin' hot country bumpkin, with a smokey voice made for phone sex, and a pair of hot as hell cowboy boots. Everyone adores her, my porn star buddies, my mom and dad, my 'equipment'. 

So, the prized package isn't so failing anymore, the catch is, it will only perform for Andi...My friend WITHOUT benefits. 

What will the prince of porn do? The girl or the career?

If there is one thing about this book, it's the fact that the title just gives a fit of giggles. I swear. Hahaha! I'm doing it right now.

It is kind of sad that porn star protagonists didn't float my boat this year. I don't know why but I guess it had something to do with my judgy inner b*itch.

I am sure that this book was not meant to be cheesy but that's how it turned out for me. I know porn stars must have lives outside of their profession but it is kind of difficult to grasp the reality that they can be normal and have normal lives. Well, I'm pretty sure they do but I just have difficulty wrapping my head around it. (Ho hey, I may need to grow up but I'm getting there.) I don't personally know any porn stars (although I find one or two that are actually hot...LOL!) so this makes the situation harder to fathom. But this books wasn't so bad but maybe it may still grow on me. I did finish it so that's something.

Nevertheless, I found the story okay. I guess. It's not something I would be looking to repeat reading. I'm sure there are others who found or will find the story great. I found it awkward, at best. The writing is okay though and I will most likely read another KD book when I have the chance.

Final verdict: 4/10. Hmm read.


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